30 Hair Color

30 Hair Color? This subtle shade with just a hint of beige is perfect for those who want to experiment with color without going full-on platinum.

Rose Gold

You don’t need to be a millennial to rock this metallic shade. We love it on all skin tones and hair textures.

Caramel Brown and Copper Balayage

If you’re not ready to embrace going full-on copper, try some balayage highlights in your hair first to see how you like the shade. It can be as subtle or as bold as you like.

Deep Red

Just because red hair isn’t right for everyone doesn’t mean it can’t work for everyone — this rich warm red looks good on nearly everyone and is slightly easier to maintain than lighter shades, since it fades more subtly.

Mermaid Hair

If you’re feeling extra daring, try out this metallic, multi-dimensional color that looks like something straight out of a fantasy movie. This particular color is best for dark brunettes or light blondes who want to go bright. If your hair is a medium brown, consider getting highlights done before jumping into mermaid hair, so your hairstylist can use a lighter base color and get the right hue.


Hair color for tan skin tones should be warm, rather than cool. These women have a “warm” undertone, which often means that they look great in gold jewelry and clothing.

Colors like honey blonde, golden brown, platinum and champagne blonde can look amazing with this skin tone.

Here are some examples of hair colors that will suit you well if you have a tan complexion:

A new hair color can be an exciting change that breathes new life into your look. Whether you’re looking for a bold or subtle change, there are plenty of colors to choose from that will make you want to head for the salon.

What Color is 30 in Hair?

What does 30 mean in hair color
What does 30 mean in hair color

Hair color levels are numbers that indicate the amount of pigment, or base color, in hair. Hair dye manufacturers use a number scale from one to 10 to indicate how concentrated the dye is, with one being a black shade and 10 being the lightest blonde.

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The number 30 is used for medium brown hair, and it is the darkest shade among the brown colors. For example, if you have naturally black hair, but you want to dye it slightly lighter than your natural color, then you can use this color to dye your hair.

30 Hair Color

30 hair color is one of the most popular and exciting shades of blonde. It is a natural medium to light blonde shade that often occurs naturally in younger people, without the help of dye. The number 30 refers to how light the color is on a scale of zero (black) to ten (very pale). Hair color numbers refer to a salon professional’s color level system. In this system, hair colors are numbered from 1-10, with 1 being black and 10 being the lightest blond possible.

For example, you might hear your stylist or colorist refer to “level 7” when describing your color.

In the numbering system, level 7 is medium blonde and level 10 is very pale blonde. Level 30 hair dye is often described as golden or honey-colored, but it can also lean towards ashy tones, depending on what you prefer. This means it will work on any skin tone and eye color, whereas some shades of blonde don’t suit everyone equally well.

Choosing the right hair color can be a science, especially if you’re going for a specific look. If you have your heart set on 30 hair color, there are a few things you need to know.

Hair color level 30 is used to define medium brown hair. It’s one of the most common hair colors and is considered a natural shade because it’s within two levels of your natural color (in this case, three shades lighter).

30 hair color is among the most versatile because it works with most skin tones and complexions. If you want to add depth or change your look significantly, more exotic shades like platinum blond or jet black may not be for you. Instead, adding some highlights or lowlights using shades close to your natural color can give your locks an instant boost.

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30 hair color can also be referred to as “coffee” brown and appears almost black in low light. In direct sunlight, however, it will show its true warm hues of medium brown.

30 hair color is the darkest brown shade. It is a warm brown base with red undertones. This color can be used by women who have natural hair to cover gray strands or to add richness to their natural hair color, but it can also be used by women who are looking for an intense base for blonde highlights, as well as for brunettes who want to try a darker hair color.

Hair color 30 volume developer is used with permanent hair colors. It’s often used to lift the natural hair color for 2 or more shades. It can also be used to deposit hair color on the hair shaft.

Most of the time it’s mixed with a permanent liquid hair color or crème color in equal parts, but sometimes it may be mixed in unequal parts depending on the desired effect.

Some people might not know what their natural base color is, what their ideal base shade is or how many shades they want to lift. To determine your natural base shade, you must look at your roots and determine if they are black, blue-black, brown (light brown to dark brown), etc. The lift should be close to your ideal base shade but not exceed it by more than 2 levels (for example, going from a level 3 to a level 7).

Hair color numbers range from 1 to 10. The hair color numbering system is used to indicate the depth of the natural base color of your hair and to say how dark or light you want to go with hair color. The higher the number, the darker your natural base will be.

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1 – Blue Black

2 – Midnight Black

3 – Darkest Brown

4 – Very Dark Brown

5 – Dark Brown

6 – Medium Dark Brown

7 – Medium Brown

8 – Light Brown

9 – Very Light Brown

10 – Lightest Blonde

What Color is 30 in Braiding Hair?

What Color is 30 in Braiding Hair
What Color is 30 in Braiding Hair

30 is a color. You can get 30 inches braiding hair in that color.

The longer the braiding hair the better.

Braiding hair looks natural and stylish.

Kanekalon Braiding Hair Color 1B Off Black

30 is the color

30 is a medium brown color.

When you see “30” it means dark brown. The “1B” is the black or off-black color. If you want a true dark brown, you will want to purchase the 30 only.


P1B/30 (1B/30) – Off Black with Dark Auburn Highlights

P4/30 (4/30) – Medium Brown with Dark Auburn Highlights

P27/30 (27/30) – Strawberry Blonde with Dark Auburn Highlights


What Color is FS4 30 in Wigs?

What Color is FS4 30 in Wigs
What Color is FS4 30 in Wigs

FS4 30 is a color of wigs. It is lighter than the FS4 27 and FS4 33 colors.

FS4/30 is a dark brown mixed base with golden blonde highlights.

The FS 4/30 Human Hair Wig by Estetica Designs is a short bob with a side swept bang and a full monofilament top.

FS4/30 is a Dark Brown mixed base with Golden Blonde highlights.

FS4 30 is a color name. You can see the wig color names and the images of each color at this page – https://www.headcovers.com/collections/wigs-hairpieces/products/human-hair-wig-margaux

Please note that we do not recommend selecting a wig based on your hair color but rather your skin tone as these two elements are what will determine if a certain shade will be most flattering for you

The FS4/30 shade is a combination of dark brown base hairs with burgundy highlights.

FS4/30 is a Dark Brown with 30% Medium Auburn. FS4 is a Dark Brown with various highlights and lowlights. This color combination can make for some very natural looking hair.

I’ve had two of the same wig and both were a brownish-reddish color. It’s very hard to tell what the color is because it looks different in the package and different on your head. I would say it’s a medium brown with auburn highlights.

The number represents the lighting (i.e. “brightness”) of the hair color and the letters represent the tones of the hair color.

So, for example, a