Bodybuilding and Genetics Relation

Those who are interested in fitness and bodybuilding have encountered the subject of genetics a lot. Genetics are different in every person. For this reason, the development period of people and the reactions of their bodies are different for each person. We can list the areas where genetic differences are most common as follows.


Every person’s appearance is different. Although things such as eyebrows, eyes and hair come to mind when it comes to appearance, the appearance of the abdominal muscles, the appearance of the back muscles, the appearance of the arm muscles are also different. For example, someone may have 6 abdominal muscles, while another may have 4. This is an important factor that distinguishes bodybuilders from each other. Your appearance can change as you gain volume and lose texture.

Muscle Building Time

Another issue where genetics shows its effect is the development period. The metabolic rate of each person is different from the reaction of his body. It’s always better to progress faster.


Every person’s strength is different. Although strength increases with training, stronger people may develop more because they can work harder. Or they can progress in different areas such as powerlifting.

Naturally Possible Point

A subject that varies from person to person is also the point to go naturally. Although there are limits to the body scientifically, the point that genetics naturally allows is different for everyone.

In short, genetics is an important factor that separates people and bodies from each other. For this reason, while everyone can have a fit and beautiful body, not everyone can do sports as a competitor or not everyone can be the first.

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