Bodyguard Series Review

I watched Bodyguard recently and this series is the English series from 2018. Bodyguard focuses on the British government and its conflicts. This series has a total of six episodes. I watched the fifth episode for the last time. In my opinion, this series is very complicated and interesting. Because, throughout the series, even from the first episode, there are terrorist attacks from unknown in London. Therefore, the Minister of the Interior wants to pass a new case that takes drastic measures. But the people and the prime minister do not want this law to pass, because it is a matter of privacy violation in general. So on the outside people are demonstrating in protest and at the same time there is a difference of opinion between the Prime Minister and the Minister of Home Affairs. Because the interior minister wants a primer from Great Britain. I think, in the fourth part of the film, the interior minister is killed in a suicide attempt.

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