Area 51 Piercings

Area 51, or the Vertical Tragus, is a piercing of the cartilage directly above the Tragus. It’s similar to the Tragus piercing in that it’s a surface piercing, with a curved barbell worn through the skin.Area 51 Piercings.Area 51 is unusual because of its placement—it’s practically invisible when wearing earbuds and may not be visible … Read more

Shark Bites Piercing

It involves getting two piercings on the lower lip, in a way that resembles shark bites piercing. These piercings can be placed either side by side or a little apart, depending on your preference. Shark bites piercing is a little different from snake bites piercing. In snake bites piercing, the piercings are done on the … Read more

Belly Button Piercing Keloid

Belly button piercing keloid is a type of scar that occurs due to the overgrowth of tissue around the pierced area. It is often full of collagen and may have a different texture than the surrounding skin. This condition can be unsightly and may cause discomfort, but it can be treated by a dermatologist. The … Read more

Curated Ear Piercing

Curated ear piercing is a curated ear piercing service offered in select stores. Each curated ear piercing features a curated selection of three or four earrings for your left and right ear that complement one another. We’ve designed our curated ear piercings to be easy to shop and offer you the perfect look. Each curated … Read more

Snug Ear Piercing

What is snug ear piercing? Snug ear piercing is a unique type of earring pierced through the cartilage near the edge of the ear. There are many different types of ear piercings, but this one is on the list of the most popular. It’s a great way to add a little flair to your ears … Read more

Fang Piercing

Fang piercings are the most common type of snakebite piercing. You can get one or two and they are placed on either side of your lower lip. This piercing is one of the most popular piercings for people who want to recreate their own version of a vampire’s fangs. If you’re thinking about getting a … Read more

Snake Eyes Piercing Tongue

a snake eyes piercing tongue is the most common tongue piercing. With a snake eyes piercing, the tongue is pierced twice, once on each side of the tip of the tongue. This can be done with a single piece of jewelry running through both holes or two separate pieces of jewelry. Snake Eyes Tongue Piercings … Read more

Ashley Pierce

Ashley Pierce (she/her) oversees the Pozen Center’s operations and budgets, plans and implements initiatives, coordinates communications, and works with the directors to plan and implement events. She has held a variety of roles across campus, including at the Office of Career Advancement, the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the Office of Civic Engagement, University … Read more

High Nostril Piercings

High nostril piercings are done on the outside of the nose, near the top. They are placed higher than most other nostril piercings and can be pierced off center to one side. The high nostril piercing is often seen in conjunction with a septum piercing. A high nostril piercing can be pierced with a stud … Read more

Unique Piercing

The most unique piercings involve originality and creativity. You can get a unique piercing by choosing an unusual location, or by combining common piercings to make a more striking look. If you want to get a unique piercing, choose a part of your body that isn’t commonly pierced. For example, you could pierce the tip … Read more