Eunseo Bot Commands

Eunseo Bot Commands

Commands Description

!ping Pong!

!help Gives help on commands.

!online Shows bot status, whether it’s online or not.

!uptime Shows how long your bot has been running for.

!status Shows information about the server you’re connected to.

!ban Bans a user from the server you’ve joined, by ID number or by name.

Eunseo Bot Commands

!5m – Get the 5 minute chart of a coin.

!btc – Get the price of bitcoin.

!bch – Get the price of Bitcoin Cash.

!btccn – Get the price of Bitcoin CNY.

!eth – Get the price of Ethereum.

!ltc – Get the price of Litecoin.

!omg – Get the price of OmiseGO.

!xrp – Get the price of Ripple (XRP).


!welcome – Welcome message.

!help – Help menu, with commands and functions explained by the bot.

!stats – Stats about the user’s account (number of posts, age, etc.)

!followers – Followers count of a user.

!followersbytag – List of users that use a specific tag on their posts, with their followers count.

!followerstags – List of users that use a specific tag on their posts, with number of followers they have.

!following – List of users that follow the specified user, ordered by most followed first.

!followersbyusername – List of users following a specific username, ordered by most followed first.


!command name


!help command name

What does Eunseo bot do?

Eunseo bot is a chatbot that can help you translate and learn Korean language.

It’s not just a translator, but also a language learning tool that can help you to improve your Korean level.

It can understand your sentence and give you the correct translation. It also knows how to react to what you say, so it’s perfect for beginners!

Eunseo bot is a program that generates random user accounts for social networks. This tool is aimed at users who want to create multiple accounts for social networks using the same IP address.

Eunseo bot has a database with more than 4500 different usernames and passwords. You can choose from these usernames and passwords when creating new accounts in a social network.

So if you want to create an account on Instagram, for example, you just need to type “instagram” in the search field and press Enter. Then select a username from the list that appears and press Enter again. Finally, enter your desired password into the box below and click on “Create”.

Eunseo Bot is a content curation bot that helps you to find interesting content on Reddit and automatically share it on your social media accounts.

Eunseo Bot can be used as a standalone application or as an API library in your own apps.

Eunseo bot is a simple Telegram bot which keeps you updated with Eunseo’s activity in real time.

The bot scans the Instagram account of Eunseo and sends you a notification whenever she posts a new photo or video.

Additionally, the bot can send you notifications when other accounts post photos or videos of Eunseo.

What are the commands for bots in Discord?

Discord is a chat app with a focus on gaming. It’s been a very popular platform for gaming communities since its inception in 2015, and there are over 100 million users.

In this article we’ll go over some of the most useful commands for bots in Discord.

How to add bots to your server

If you want to add bots to your server, all you need to do is use the invite link or ID provided by the bot creator. You can find these on their website or social media page. Once you’ve added them, you can start using their commands!

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Commands for bots in Discord

There are two main ways that bots can interact with users: through text commands and voice commands. Voice commands are triggered via voice recognition software which listens for specific words or phrases before executing an action (such as playing music). Text commands use a chat window similar to DM chats on Twitter and Facebook Messenger, meaning they’re easy to use even when you’re busy playing games with friends!

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to add a bot to your Discord server.

Bots add a lot of value to your server, especially if there are multiple admins who want to stay in touch with the users. A bot can be used to moderate the chat, create custom commands, and more.

There are many bots available for free on GitHub and other websites. If you’re not sure where to start, check out our guide on how to install an IRC bot in Discord. The process is similar for other bots as well.

In this article:

Commands for bots in Discord

How do I add a bot?

What are the commands for 24/7 bot?

What are the commands for 24/7 bot
What are the commands for 24/7 bot

Commands for 24/7 bot

!help – Shows a list of the commands

!reset – Resets your stats, kills and deaths.

!stats – Shows your current stats.

!kill – Kills yourself in game.

!map – Shows the map you’re on if you’re playing CS:GO or TF2, or shows a list of maps for other games (e.g. DayZ). You can also request a map with !map [mapname] e.g. !map de_dust2 or !map tfc_lostcity

You can use the following commands to control 24/7 bot:

!tokens – Shows your current amount of tokens.

!topup – Top up with 50 tokens.

!balance – Shows your balance.

!deposit – Deposit your balance into the bot, to be used in future trades.

The commands are as follows:













!remindme (my birthday)

!remindme (my anniversary)

!remindme (my wedding anniversary)

What commands can MEE6 bot do?


!mee6 – Shows the help menu.

!addrepo – Add a repository to the bot. This command does not currently work with SteamRep.

!addsteamrep – Add a SteamRep entry for the current user (or another user from your team). This command does not currently work with GitHub.

!removelink – Remove an existing link that was added to the bot. It can be used with either one of these parameters: [url] or [userid]. The second parameter is optional if you only want to remove one link, but make sure you don’t leave it out when multiple links are involved.

!addlink – Add a link to your current conversation with the bot. You can add up to three links at once by entering them in succession, like so: !addlink [url1][url2][url3]

MEE6 bot is one of the most advanced chat bots available on the internet. It has been designed to help you automate your marketing and communication with your fans and followers, so that you can focus on what really matters: creating great content.

With MEE6 bot, you can:

Automate your social media marketing

Set up automated messages for every new follower or subscriber, for example “Thanks for following!” or “Welcome aboard!”

Automatically reply to messages from specific users or from specific hashtags

Automatically share posts from other accounts and websites on multiple social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Send welcome messages to new subscribers / followers / fans

Does MEE6 have Nsfw commands?

Does MEE6 have Nsfw commands
Does MEE6 have Nsfw commands

MEE6 is a chatbot that helps you to engage your audience and get more views on YouTube. It has many features for you to use, including Nsfw commands.

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If you’re using MEE6 and want to add NSFW commands to your chatbot, here’s how you can do it:

1) Go to your MEE6 dashboard and click “Edit” next to your bot’s name.

2) Scroll down until you see the “Bot Commands” page and click on the ‘+ Add Command’ button at the bottom of this page.

3) You will now see a field where you can type in your new NSFW command. For example, if you want to add a command called “NSFW“, just type “nsfw”. The rest of the fields can stay empty unless they’re necessary for other commands (for example, if another command requires a username).

4) Once done, click “Save Changes”.

MEE6 is a browser extension that has gained popularity in recent years. It is a web browser extension that allows users to customize their browsing experience.

MEE6 is available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers. The extension has been developed by MEE6 GmbH, which is based out of Berlin, Germany. The company also offers other products such as MEE6 Pro, which is a paid version of the same application.

MEE6 Nsfw Commands

The nsfw commands of MEE6 are as follows:

/nsfw – This command will turn NSFW on or off in your browser depending on your preferences set by you while installing the extension in the first place

/nsfwon – If you have turned NSFW off but would like to turn it back on again, use this command to do so

Is MEE6 an NFT?

MEE6 is a service that allows users to create accounts and manage their social media marketing. The company offers tools that are designed to help users manage multiple social media accounts and automate their posts.

MEE6 isn’t an NFT in the same way that CryptoKitties or Rare Pepe cards aren’t NFTs. It’s software, not a physical item. However, MEE6 users can buy digital assets through the platform, which are then stored and managed by MEE6.

The company has created a few different types of digital assets:

MEE8 tokens — These can be used to pay for premium features within the platform, such as more robust analytics or advertising services. You can also use them to access premium content from other users on the platform (like YouTube content).

MEE8 tokenized accounts — Users can sell their account (with all its followers) through the platform for MEE8 tokens. This means that you could purchase an account with thousands of followers or even millions of followers if you wanted one badly enough!

MEE6 is a utility token that powers the MEE6 platform. MEE6 is an NFT.

MEE6 can be used to purchase services from the MEE6 platform and to reward top creators, influencers and performers on social media.

MEE6 is not a security in any jurisdiction and does not represent an investment contract.

The MEE6 token is ERC-20 compliant and can be purchased through our website or through our partner exchanges.

How do I give myself XP in MEE6?

To give yourself XP in MEE6, you will have to log into your account.

Once you’re logged in, click on the Settings icon.

Click on Preferences and then click on the Experience tab.

Now you can set your own experience level by selecting a number from 1-100. This will be reflected in your profile and anywhere else that displays your experience level.

You can give yourself XP by clicking the star next to your name in the top right corner of your MEE6 dashboard.

You can also give yourself XP by clicking on this link:

Just enter the number of XP you’d like to give yourself, and click “Give XP”.

In order to give yourself XP in MEE6, you need to follow a few simple steps.

Open the app and go to “Settings”.

From the Settings page, select the “Account” option at the bottom of the page.

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Scroll down until you see an option titled “XP”. Click on it.

Now that you have arrived at this screen, you can either click on the “+” button to add experience points manually or click on the “-” button if you want to subtract them from your account balance.

In MEE6, you can give yourself XP by:

  • Posting new content to your site. The more you post, the more XP you earn!
  • Engaging with other users through the chat or livecams. The more you chat and interact with other users, the more XP you earn!
  • Getting rated 5 stars by customers on your website. The more positive reviews and ratings you receive, the more XP you earn!

How do I use the MEE6 warn command?

How do I use the MEE6 warn command
How do I use the MEE6 warn command

You can use the MEE6 warn command to notify users that they need to update their browser. This will show up in the chat when you use it:

If you want to use this feature, first add the following code snippet to your index.html file (or wherever you want it to appear on your site):

After that, you can add a few lines of code to your chatbot’s main script and it will display a warning message when a user tries to visit your page with an old browser version:

The MEE6 warn command allows you to issue a warning to another user.

This command is useful if you need to warn someone before they are banned, or if you want to give them a chance to fix their behavior before getting banned.

The MEE6 warn command can be used in any chat room by typing /mee6 warn . The reason is optional and will not be visible on the public side of your chat room.

Here is an example of how you would use this command:

/mee6 warn testuser123 My warning text

Can MEE6 play songs?

Yes, MEE6 can play songs. In fact, you can even add songs to your profile page and play them on command!

To do this, first you have to have a music library of some kind. If you have iTunes or Spotify installed on your computer, it will automatically show up in the list of available players. You can also add other players like Google Music or Pandora by clicking “Add Music Player” in the top right corner of the player selection box (shown below).

Once you’ve added your music player, select it from the list and click “Play Music.” This will open up a dialog box where you can search for songs and add them to your profile page.

MEE6 is a music player that plays songs.

It is free and open-source, so you can use it on any device you want.

You can also use it to create playlists, and it has a simple interface that’s easy to navigate.

The only drawback is that there isn’t much of a community around MEE6, so there aren’t as many features as some other apps.

Does MEE6 have a purge command?

MEE6 is a browser extension that allows you to search for torrents. It also allows you to download movies and music.

MEE6 has a purge command that can be used to clear your search history. This will make it appear as if you did not search for any torrents or download anything on the website. The purge command will clear your search history in case anyone comes across your computer, so they do not see any evidence of illegal activities.

To use this feature:

1) Open MEE6 by clicking on its icon which is usually located on your toolbar or in the Chrome menu bar when using Google Chrome as your browser.

2) Click on the gear icon in the top right corner and click “Settings” from the drop-down menu.

3) Click on “Privacy” from the left side panel and then click on “Clear Search History” from the right side panel.

4) Click “Clear Search History” again to confirm that you want to clear all of your searches from this session only (or select “Clear Search History Forever” if you want to clear all of your searches).