Face Piercings

The most preferred type of piercing is face piercings. Piercing is popular with both men and women. Although body piercing is usually associated with young people, it has been practiced for thousands of years in different parts of the world.

Things to Consider Before Piercing

Things to Consider Before Piercing

Having a visible body piercing can be an issue for certain business and showcase your business opportunities. In some industries, an exposed end can be a health and safety concern. You may need to cover or remove face piercings or tongue piercings during school hours. Piercing is painful and the area usually hurts for a while after healing. What will your family and friends think of your piercing, and will it affect your relationships? But still, it’s your body and only you decide what to do with your body.

Piercing Care

Piercing Care

Keep the piercing as dry as possible. Do not touch or rotate jewelry unnecessarily, and always wash your hands before and after touching the piercing. Do not share the jewelry with your friends. Don’t remove the jewelry before the wound is completely healed. Don’t remove the shell, as it protects the pierced part from infection.

Use liquid soap on the puncture area while showering or bathing. Use a tissue or cotton swab to dry the piercing after a shower or bath. Don’t use towels or face washes. Don’t use alcohol-based cleaning solutions, tea tree oil, hydrogen peroxide, skin cleaners, antiseptic solutions, or creams. These can dry out the skin and cause long-term healing. Avoid swimming until the piercing has healed, as the water can pose a risk an infection.

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Infection an other complications may occur if the necessary care and attention is not given to the piercing during or after the procedure. General complications can include increased pain, redness, swelling, irritation, or itching at the piercing site. Heavy infected discharge from the piercing site this may be yellow, green or gray and have an unusual odor problems with healing or scarring. Excessive bleeding this requires immediate medical attention. An abscess under the skin.

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