Matlab Thermodynamic Data

Matlab Thermodynamic Data; Matlab Thermodynamic Data is a free tool for numerical simulations and data analysis.

Matlab is a high-level language and interactive environment for numerical computation, visualization, and programming. It is used in engineering, science, and business to solve diverse problems.

Matlab uses matrix operations, developing algorithms, and creating mathematical models and functions. The language and tools are intended to assist with solving problems involving linear algebra, data analysis, differential equations, statistics and optimization.

The language was developed by Cleve Moler of the MathWorks beginning in 1984 as an alternative to using Fortran or C for scientific computing needs. It has been extended to include capabilities such as object-oriented programming that make it ideal as an educational tool for students who have just completed their first course in linear algebra or calculus; however, Matlab can be used for complicated tasks such as processing gigabytes of satellite images.[3] The latest version of Matlab is R2016b which was released on June 1 2016.[4]

Matlab Thermodynamic Data

Here are some Matlab scripts that can be used to generate thermodynamic data for a wide variety of fluids. For example,

Matlab Thermodynamic Data

ThermoData(3) generates data for water at three different pressures (1 atm, 5 atm and 10 atm);

ThermoData(4) generates data for carbon dioxide at the same three pressures;

ThermoData(5) generates data for methane at the same pressures;

ThermoData(6) generates data for ethane at the same pressures; and so on.

The scripts also work with non-aqueous fluids such as ammonia and ethanol.

Matlab Thermodynamic Data

The following are four Matlab functions that can be used to calculate thermodynamic properties of pure substances, including Densities, Enthalpy, Entropy, Heat Capacity and Fugacity. The functions were written by R Senthil Kumar, and released under the GNU General Public License.

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The functions are contained in a zip file called “”. This file can be downloaded from

The zip file contains one directory called “matlab” which contains all the files required to run these programs on your computer (the same directory structure will be created on your computer when unzipping this file). If you do not have Matlab installed on your system, but still want to use these programs, then follow the instructions below:

  • Download matlab from
  • Follow the installation instructions provided with matlab or available at

This is a Matlab code for thermodynamic data.

It contains the following data sets:

  • Enthalpy of Vaporization (J/mol)
  • Entropy of Vaporization (J/mol K)
  • Enthalpy of Sublimation (J/mol)
  • Entropy of Sublimation (J/mol K)
Matlab Thermodynamic Data
Matlab Thermodynamic Data