Mushroom Drawing

Today we will show you how to mushroom drawing – objects that combine the characteristics of animals and plants. Mushrooms can be found everywhere in the world, even in the arctic ice.

There are edible mushrooms, poisonous mushrooms, brightly colored, white and brownish mushrooms. They are usually small and grow on the ground or on trees.

Mushrooms are very interesting when it comes to drawing because they have a variety of shapes and colors.

How To Draw a Mushroom

How To Draw a Mushroom

Step 1

Draw the contours of the mushroom. Do not forget that mushrooms can be different shapes. First, draw an oval, and then add a stalk of the future fungus to it.

Step 2

Add some details to the mushroom. Try to repeat what you see in our example or give free rein to your imagination and create your own unique mushroom.

Step 3

Carefully draw all the lines on the mushroom cap and on the stalk.

Step 4

Using dark shadows, make our mushroom drawing more voluminous, we tone the cap and stalk with hatching, make your own contour darker with a pencil or marker. Then erase all unnecessary auxiliary lines from your picture and make it clean with an eraser.

Step 5

We finish drawing a mushroom by adding shadows around it, as you can see in our example – this is a very simple step that even a beginner can perform

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Step 6

First, let’s draw a circle to depict the cap of the mushroom.

Step 7

Now let’s depict its leg. To do this, draw an oval with a pointed edge at the bottom. You can make it narrower or wider, but don’t forget that the leg should be usually thicker than the cap.

Step 8

Now draw another leg on the right side of the first one. It should look like a long cylinder with one flat face at the top and one flat face at the bottom. This second leg is hidden behind the first one and therefore we will draw it only in outline.

Step 9

Now we need to add some details to our mushroom to make it more interesting to look at. Draw two large spots on top of the cap, and two smaller spots near its base. Also, draw several curved lines around these spots to represent gills – thin membranes that cover the underside of a mushroom’s cap and produce spores (the tiny seeds of fungi).

Step 10

Our mushroom is almost done; all that remains is to erase all unnecessary guidelines from it and make it clearer. For example, you can erase some of those curved lines in its legs and gills to make them look less cluttered and more realistic.

Step 11

At first draw an oval shape of the head and a vertical line in the middle.

Step 12

Now let’s draw a hat. It must be like a brim with a thin rim. At the very top of the hat, draw a small circle, which will serve as a hole to the mushroom cap.

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Step 13

Draw the contours of the legs, which are located on both sides of the vertical line. The legs should be thick at the base and taper towards the top. Erase all unnecessary lines inside the figure of mushroom. Make sure that our mushroom drawing is smooth and without any visible guidelines.

Step 14

At this step we draw little hairs on our mushroom cap. Draw them with a few short strokes in different directions. The hairs should look more like tentacles than hair. If you want to make your drawing clearer, paint it with an ink marker or ink pen and erase all unnecessary lines with an eraser.

Step 15

At the very beginning, we draw a set of circles, one will be the upper part of the mushroom (cap) and the other will be its leg.

Step 16

Now, outline the shapes that we indicated in the previous step. Add an oval at the bottom of the mushroom’s cap and make a few vertical lines. These lines will help us draw hanging threads later.

Step 17

Draw some more circles to add new details to our drawing.

Step 18

Add some details to the picture. Draw more threads and make some parts smoother. At this stage, your drawing should look something like this.

Step 19

Now erase all unnecessary construction lines from your drawing and start adding some shades. Use dark green for the shadow under the cap, brown for its upper part, orange for the lower part of the mushroom and red for its leg.

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Step 20

First, draw the base of the mushroom. It should be a smooth oval. At the top, draw a circle.

Step 21

Using a pair of curved lines, outline the outer edge of the cap.

Step 22

From the base, draw two parallel lines. Connect them at the bottom with another line. Draw several more lines to detail the stem.

Step 23

Sketch out the gills underneath the cap by drawing a series of curved lines that meet in jagged points.

Step 24

Erase guide lines from under the cap and from within the stem. Then carefully erase guide lines from within the cap itself, leaving behind only those needed to define its surface detail.

Step 25

Using short, curved lines, draw rows of dots all over the cap to form “bumps.” Draw more short lines radiating outward from each bump to form its warts or scales.