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Over geared is a dream game which follows the unfortunate principle character, Shin Youngwoo. He and his family are under obligation of 400 Million won ($400,000 USD), he has no money and no prospective job. One day, he finds an Overgeared notice in a game forum. It’s a famous second-hand item shop run by a legendary gamer.

Youngwoo logs into the game with high hopes and finds out that it’s his level 1 character…

Over-geared is a Korean web novel written by Park Saenal. The web novel was published on kakaopage and the Naver Webtoon from November 22, 2016 to April 8, 2018. The series was then adapted into a manhwa by Tiv and published by Kakao Page starting June 6, 2017, and later released in English on LINE Webtoon from July 1, 2019. [1][2]


Shin Youngwoo has had an unfortunate life and is now stuck carrying bricks on construction sites. He even had to do labor in the VR game, Satisfy! Luckily for him, he was born with the special ability "Status," which allows him to read his own stats. He knows that as long as he uses it properly, he will be able to get out of his life of poverty.

One day, Shin receives a large sum of money from a mysterious person and later finds out that person is none other than the God of Satisfy himself! Due to his actions, he is now known as "Grid" in the game. To get rid of the nickname and make some money, Grid shuns his in game title as a blacksmith and tries to exterminate monsters instead. This

Overgeared (2020) is a Korean Webtoon that follows the story of Shin Youngwoo, a Korean man with no redeeming qualities who just wants to live his life in peace. Unfortunately, he’s stuck with a debt that he can’t pay off and has to do an insane amount of work just to scrape by.

After getting a job as a temporary worker for a company called Overgeared, he meets an owner named Grid who gives him a magical item that allows him to level up quickly. This leads him into an adventure where he fights monsters and becomes stronger than anyone else in his world.”

Overgeared (Korean: 오버가아드; RR: Obeogadaedo) is a South Korean web manhwa written by Park Saenal. It began serialization in Papyrus and later in KakaoPage run by Kakao. The manhwa has been adapted into audio dramas and mobile games.
The manhwa was adapted as an audio drama, Overgeared Story – The Strongest Legendary Player, produced by Naver Corporation’s Sound R, an original content podcast platform. The first season was released on October 1, 2020.

Over Geared Jishuka

Over Geared Jishuka
Over Geared Jishuka

Toxophilite and head of Tzedakah Guild. Over geared Jishuka is a Satisfy player most popular for her capability with the bow as an Archer, for the most significant length of time positioned first in the rankings as a worldwide class.

Jishuka has incredible abilities due to her often being called the “Archer God”. She is known for being able to shoot accurately even in unstable conditions and at great distances. Her arrows are so fast that enemy users can only react after she has shot her arrows. The accuracy of her arrows are so good that she could use them as precision guided weapons, such as hitting a small handkerchief from 500m away regardless of wind direction, or hitting several different targets with one arrow (e.g., hitting an enemy user, then bouncing off and hitting another enemy user).

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The best way to survive in Over Gear is to be the strongest. But being the strongest takes time. While everyone else is training, you could be trying to find a shortcut.

“Grid, if you want to overcome your limits and become stronger…”

“Well… there’s one possible way.”

The strongest secret technique! The hidden story of the legend that has never before been told!

Youngwoo has had an unfortunate life and is now stuck carrying bricks on construction sites. He even had to drop out of school. He dreams of a better life for himself. That’s when he comes across a gacha (a type of loot box) that will change his life forever!

The MC is overgeared because he has a lot of money, the author is overgeared because he can create such a good novel. It’s my favorite novel of all time it truly makes me laugh and cry sometimes, it’s just that good.

Overgeared (오버기어, Obeogeo) is a Korean web novel written by Park Saenal (박새날). Overgeared was serialized in Papyrus and later in KakaoPage and is ongoing with 10 volumes published so far. The series was licensed for an English release by Ps-Light Novels and has been published since June 26, 2018.

This manhwa is a dream game which follow a poor and unfortunate principle character name Shin Youngwoo ask Grid. He and his family is under obligation of 400 Million won. Being a unsuccessful person in real life, he is often bullied by his friends and people around him. One day he met with an untimely accident, he died after falling from a high building.

When Shin meet god, god did not give him the choice for reincarnation or even heaven but instead he propose Shin to play a game called Dimensional Domination! God tell Shin that if he win the game he will grant him one wish. Shin was doubt at first but after seeing the lavish reward and bonus point given by God,Shin immediately jumps into it with no hesitation.

Shin was not given any special power and had to start from scratch like everyone else but because of his passion and determination, it did not take long for him to gain all the power needed to become the strongest!

There are many gaming manhwa out there, but very few of them are actually good. Overgeared is one of these few manhwa that really stood out to me. It’s a story about a poor and unfortunate guy named Youngwoo who finds himself in a dream game called Satisfy.

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Despite being an isekai story, it is not like your typical isekai manhwa which have over powered main character. Rather, the main character has to start from scratch, grinding his own way up to become stronger. The main character doesn’t get any help from anyone, he has to do everything on his own (or with the help of his party). This makes the story much more interesting because you can see how someone who was considered weak and insignificant in real life could turn into someone powerful and important in an other world.

The manhwa also takes on a very lighthearted approach for most of its run, even when it gets serious it still retains that lighthearted feel. This allows the manhwa to be enjoyable even when our main character isn’t getting what he wants; this is something that most gaming manhwas fail at miserably (I’m looking at you Knight Runner).

The art style isn’t anything special;

Most manga/manhwa/manhua follows a similar format where the reader follows the main character from start to end.

However, Overgeared has a unique system where we follow the MC at certain stages of his life.

For example, when Shin Youngwoo was a level 1 and was grinding in PVP, you can read about that story. Or if you want to know what happened when he was level 30, you can read that too. This is one of the reasons why I love this series so much because it’s like reading a diary entry and seeing how the MC grew.

Basically, the author shows the readers how Shin Youngwoo climbed to where he is now.

Shin Youngwoo has had an unfortunate life and is now stuck carrying bricks on construction sites. He even had to do labor in the VR game, Satisfy!

However, luck would soon enter his hopeless life. His character, ‘Grid,’ would discover the Northern End Cave for a quest, and in that place, he would find ‘Pagma’s Rare Book’ and become a legendary class player….

The story seems to be going on a different route as it is implied that the Overgeared Kingdom will be formed soon. Here are my thoughts about this matter.

The only thing I can think of why Youngwoo would want to form a kingdom is that he wants to do something about the other kingdoms like the Hwan Kingdom, perhaps King Puhuang?

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If this is the case, then there won’t be much conflict because he already proved that he has become stronger than them. The only way for conflict to happen is if he will make enemies out of them which could lead to some interesting fights between him and the other kings. Of course, we still don’t know if they know his true identity or not.

However, I think that it would be better if they just stay as a guild since it would be more challenging for them to fight against other strong players. But then again, it’s not like other kingdoms would just let them stay as a guild right? They may use this as an excuse to attack them since they are overgeared.

This is just my opinion though so feel free to comment your own thoughts down below!

Youngwoo has had an unfortunate life and is now stuck carrying bricks on construction sites. He even had to give up his dream of becoming an architect.

One day by chance, he became the peerless Lord of the City in the world’s best Immersive Reality Online Game, Satisfy! The numerous balance patches that were neglected over many years caused the game to become a hell for ‘beginners’.

However, luck would soon enter Youngwoo’s hopeless life. His character, ‘Grid’ would discover the Hidden Class, ‘Master of the Tavern’. It was a class that no one had ever seen in Satisfy before! The Hidden Class had absurd attack power and Grid easily rose to level 99.

Soon after, he was acknowledged as God Grid by the players because of his extreme strength! However, being known as God Grid wasn’t all fun and games. Due to his incredible skill and strength, he came under attack by other players who wanted to take advantage of him.

‘I don’t want this…’ Youngwoo just wanted to live a normal life.

But what could a poor construction worker like him do?

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