Shark Bite Piercing

The shark bite piercing is a double labret piercing that goes underneath the lower lip. This piercing is also known as dolphin bites, angel bites or butterfly kisses. Both piercings are done next to each other, with space between them.

The shark bite piercing is different from the viper bite piercing, which has both piercings on the same side and closer together.

Shark bites can be placed at different angles (horizontal, vertical or diagonal), depending on how much room you have below your lip and your anatomy. For example, people with small lips might want to go for a diagonal angle, while those with bigger lips can choose a more vertical angle.

A shark bite piercing is two piercings on the lower lip, one on each side of the center. Between the two piercings, there is a gap that can be filled with jewelry. The look is similar to the design of a shark’s mouth.

This type of piercing can be done in different ways to achieve different looks. The piercings can be placed near the center of the lip or closer to the corners of the mouth. They can be close together or farther apart and can be placed vertically or at an angle. Jewelry for this piercing includes curved barbells and labrets.

Shark Bites is a type of piercing in which two holes are made close to each other, usually on the lower lip. It is considered a variation of the snake bites.

The shark bite piercing is actually two holes that are placed closely together on the bottom lip, resembling the puncture marks left by a shark attack.

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Some people choose to place a ring or stud in both holes. Others put one in one hole and another in the other hole. Some people choose to put a ring in one hole and leave the other hole empty. As with any piercing, you should discuss your options with your piercer to determine what jewelry is best for you.

Shark bite piercings are two piercings done close together on the lower lip. The piercings can be placed on either side of the lip, symmetrically or asymmetrically, and can be pierced with labret studs (flat-backed posts) or rings.

Shark bite piercings are sometimes referred to as “venom bites” because they resemble a shark’s bite or snakebites because they resemble the fang marks left by a venomous snake.

The shark bite piercing is a combination of two piercings that are connected by one piece of jewelry.

It is also known as the side lip piercing or the Ashley piercing.

The two piercings resemble a shark bite, hence the name.

The piercings are placed off to the side of the lower lip, rather than centered under it. The piercings are typically a matching pair and are symmetrically placed on either side of the mouth. They can be placed anywhere from slightly off center to almost to the corners of the mouth.