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Traumacad is a family owned business which was founded in 2014. We are based in the Netherlands and we are specialized in the production of high quality prosthetics and orthotics.

Our mission is to provide you with the best possible service, so you can get back on your feet again.

TraumaCAD is a software package developed to assist in the management of patients with trauma. TraumaCAD is a complete system for performing trauma CT, including radiology, patient management, and billing.

TraumaCAD includes all of the features necessary for managing a modern trauma center:

Patient management




TraumaCAD is a tool for the treatment planning of complex fractures and dislocations. For example, it can be used for the treatment planning of fractures of the hand, forearm or foot.

TraumaCAD includes:

  1. A modular fracture modeler that allows you to create customized models based on CT or MRI scans. The models are linked to a database containing anatomic and biomechanical data, so that they can be used in FEA (finite element analysis) simulations. You can also import pre-existing models from other software packages.
  2. A biomechanical solver that computes stress and strain distribution at the fracture point(s).
  3. A visualization tool that lets you observe strain fields at any point in your model, as well as the stress distribution across specific regions of interest (ROI).

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TraumaCad Mobile

TraumaCad Mobile
TraumaCad Mobile

TraumaCad Mobile is an application that allows you to record and share your trauma data in real-time. With a single click, TraumaCad will send your data to your EMS provider so they can begin treatment immediately.

TraumaCad Mobile is designed for use by EMS providers as well as paramedics, nurses and doctors practicing in the pre-hospital setting and in the emergency department.

TraumaCad Mobile is an iPad application that allows you to create and save your own wound diagrams. You can also share them with your team, or embed them in patient reports.

TraumaCad Mobile supports the creation of custom wound diagrams for a variety of patient types including:

  • Open Fractures
  • Contusion
  • Crush Injury

TraumaCad Mobile is a mobile application to assist trauma surgeons in the pre-operative planning of complex orthopedic and vascular trauma cases.

TraumaCad Mobile provides a comprehensive set of tools to assist in the planning of complex orthopedic and vascular trauma surgeries. It allows you to:

View pre-operative images, including CT scans and MRIs

Analyze the position of fractures and soft tissue injuries

Manipulate bone segments and soft tissue structures on the surgical model

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Save cases for future reference

TraumaCad Mobile is the first mobile solution for trauma and orthopedic surgery. The app is designed for medical professionals to assist them with pre-operative planning, intraoperative documentation and post-operative follow-up.

TraumaCad Mobile allows users to create 3D models of patients’ anatomy from various imaging sources (CT scans, MRIs, x-rays etc.). The app includes tools to assist with pre-operative planning such as:

Precise model reconstruction using segmentation algorithms

Customizable templates based on hospitals’ protocols

Intuitive interface for defining surgical strategy

TraumaCad Brainlab

TraumaCad Brainlab
TraumaCad Brainlab

TraumaCad Brainlab is a computer-based method for assessing brain injuries. It is based on CT or MRI scans, and can be used to identify multiple injuries, including traumatic brain injury (TBI), retinal hemorrhage, and intracranial bleedings. TraumaCad Brainlab can also be used for the detection of bone fractures. The software has been developed by BrainLAB GmbH in Germany.

The application of TraumaCad Brainlab takes into account the three most important factors in evaluating a head injury: location, type and extent of the trauma. The software allows users to perform a comprehensive analysis of all areas affected by trauma within an individual scan.

TraumaCad Brainlab provides automatic segmentation results that are consistent with human observers’ evaluations of similar images. In addition, TraumaCad Brainlab provides a standard set of features for each segmented tissue type, such as size and shape descriptors for each tissue type and statistics about shape differences between tissues.

TraumaCad Brainlab is a software application that helps hospitals and trauma centers to manage their trauma cases. It provides a complete solution for trauma triage, diagnosis and treatment, including the ability to scan images and share them with other members of the health care team.

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TraumaCad Brainlab is designed for use by emergency physicians, neurosurgeons and other specialists who treat patients with head and brain injuries. It can be used in any hospital that uses CT scanning or MR imaging equipment.

TraumaCad Brainlab

TraumaCad Brainlab is a software application for the analysis of brain lesions. It is based on advanced image processing technologies and can be used for quantitative assessment of brainstem and cortical lesions including contusion, edema and hemorrhage. The software provides a high-quality user interface and supports standard image formats (DICOM, TIFF), as well as 3D and 4D images.

TraumaCad Brainlab is a software solution that helps you to perform your daily tasks in the field of neurotrauma more efficient and precise. As a hospital or ambulance service, you have to make decisions based on clinical findings of your patients. The time pressure and stress make it difficult to find all relevant information about the patient’s condition and history.


TraumaCad Brainlab integrates all relevant data of your patients into one view. You can also share this information with other users within your organization or collaborate with other hospitals.