What is Pizza

Pizza is a leavened dough in Italian cuisine. Many materials can be placed on it. In addition to the main ingredients such as cheese, sausage, salami, olives, tomato, pepper and corn. There are also pizza’s with many different toppings. Especially in the homeland of Italy and the USA, many types of pizza have been developed.

Pizza, which was born in Italy with tomato and cheese an dough, was actually a poor food in its early days. The main purpose in the preparation of pizza is not to get enough of taste; it was just to fill their stomachs.

Today, it has long since deviated from its purpose, and has even become a celebratory meal.

15 Interesting Facts About Pizza

  • Known to have been born in Italy, pizza later became integrated with the American people. In fact, it is so popular among the American people that celebrate October every year as “Pizza Month”. So they spend not even a day, but a huge bear full of pizza.
  • The first pizza order was made by a computer in 1974. The USA’s Artificial Language Lab tested its “taking computer” by ordering a hot dog pizza from a pizza shop, and it succeeded.
  • The most pizza consumed worldwide is on Saturday night.
  • The word “pizza” was first mentioned in a Latin text a thousand years ago. It comes from the Latin world Picea. Picea means blackening of the bark by fire.
  • The biggest pizza ever made; it was made in a hypermarket called Norwood Pick’n Pay. This pizza; it was 37 meters wide, had 900 kilos of sauce and 1800 kilos of cheese.
  • The most expensive pizza ever made was by Domenico Crolla.
  • Longest pizza delivery ever; made from Cape Town, South Africa to Sydney, Australia.
  • Mozzarella cheese, the main ingredient in pizza, accounts for about 80 percent of Italian Cheese Production in the United States.
  • During his trip to Naples, Alexandre Dumas saw that the poor people of Naples ate nothing but watermelon in the summer and pizza in the winter.
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