When Does The Nfl Season Start

The NFL regular season is a 17-week, 256-game slate that kicks off on Thursday, September 5, 2018.

The first game of the season will be played between the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers. The defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles will open the season on September 6 with a game against the Atlanta Falcons.

Week 1 features two games between teams that made it to the postseason last year — one each in New England and Philadelphia.

When Does The Nfl Season Start?

The NFL season is upon us. There are 32 teams and 256 games to be played over the next six months, so it’s not like every game matters equally. But every one does mean something — even for teams that are likely going to miss the playoffs.

The NFL season starts with a Thursday night game between the Super Bowl champion Eagles and Falcons on Sept. 6 (8:20 p.m.), followed by the Ravens at Broncos in Week 1 action on Sept. 9 (4:25 p.m.).

Here’s everything else you need to know about 2019 NFL season kickoff week:

When does the NFL season start? The 2019 regular season begins with a Thursday night doubleheader on Sept. 5-6, with two games on each night. The Patriots will open up as hosts against the Steelers in Foxborough on Thursday night, while the Rams travel cross-country to face the Cardinals in Phoenix on Friday night (8:20 p.m.). The full schedule is expected to be released sometime in April after free agency has concluded and teams have finalized their rosters for training camp and preseason action

The NFL season starts Thursday night with a Super Bowl rematch between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots.

The Falcons are coming off of a historic collapse in the Super Bowl, while the Patriots have made the playoffs in each of the past three seasons and won two titles in that span.

The NFL season is a 17-week grind that runs from September to January, with just three days off during that span. And it’s a marathon: Each team plays 16 games in 17 weeks, plus at least one bye week per team.

Here’s everything you need to know about when your favorite team kicks off its season:

When does the NFL season start?

The NFL season begins on Thursday, September 5. The Packers will take on the Bears at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The league’s 256-game schedule will span 17 weeks, with each team playing 16 games.

The regular season concludes with the Super Bowl, which takes place at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia on February 3, 2020.

What is the first NFL game 2022?

The first NFL game in 2022 is between the Los Angeles Rams and the San Francisco 49ers. It’s a Week 1 matchup at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

The first NFL season game will be played on Thursday, September 5th. This is when the league officially starts its season with a full slate of games. The first regular season game of 2022 will take place on Sunday, September 8th. This means that all 32 teams will play 16 games each before the playoffs begin.

The first preseason game will be played on Thursday, August 28th. This is when all 32 teams get together for their annual practices and scrimmages before they play their first preseason games against each other on Friday nights during Week 2 or 3 of the preseason schedule (Aug 30 – Aug 31).

The first regular season game of any given year takes place on a Sunday in early September (usually late August) and ends before Thanksgiving Day (Nov 23). The Super Bowl is always held on Sunday, February 3rd

The first NFL game in 2022 is on Sunday, September 8th. It’s a Week 1 matchup between the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins.

The first Thursday night game of the season — between the Patriots and Dolphins — will be played at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. The rest of the schedule is below:

Week 1 (September 8-10, 2022)

Thursday Night Football: New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins (Gillette Stadium)

Sunday Night Football: Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers (Lambeau Field)

Monday Night Football: Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans (Nissan Stadium)

The NFL season begins on September 5th, 2022. The first game will be between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers at Soldier Field in Chicago.

The first game of the 2021 season was between the Washington Redskins and New York Giants in Landover, Maryland. This is because the New York Giants are playing their home games at MetLife Stadium while their new stadium is being built.

The first game of the 2020 season was between the Philadelphia Eagles and Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Philadelphia. This is because Tampa Bay’s Raymond James Stadium is being renovated for Super Bowl LVII.

Many other teams will play their home games on neutral fields during this time period as well due to renovations or construction of new stadiums in their home cities.

The 2022 NFL season will be the 100th season of the National Football League (NFL). The league will celebrate this milestone by playing its first-ever regular season game in China, featuring the Houston Texans and Oakland Raiders.

The 2022 NFL Draft will be held in April 2022 to conclude the 2021 NFL Draft cycle. The draft order is determined based on each team’s record from the previous season, with the worst teams picking first, and the best teams picking last. It will be televised live by ESPN and ESPN2, with additional coverage provided by ESPNU and ABC.

In 2021, the league announced a five-game series between two teams from Europe and two teams from Asia every year through 2024. In 2022, that series will include two games between China’s XFL and Japan’s All-Japan Pro Football League (JAPFFL). These games will take place in Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan; Saitama Stadium 2002 in Saitama City, Japan; Hongkou Football Stadium in Shanghai; and Yuexiushan Stadium in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China.

What is opening day of the NFL season?

What is opening day of the NFL season
What is opening day of the NFL season

Opening day is the day on which a professional sports league’s regular season begins. For example, Major League Baseball’s opening day is the first scheduled game of their regular season and the National Football League’s (NFL) opening day is the first scheduled game of their regular season.

In North America, notable examples include:

Major League Baseball (MLB), which has held its Opening Day annually on April 1 since 1903 (except for 1904). [1]

National Football League (NFL), which has held its Opening Day annually on September 10 since 1932. [2]

National Basketball Association (NBA), which has held its Opening Day annually on October 25 since 1946. [3]

The NFL season kicks off on Thursday, September 6 with a doubleheader that features two games. The first game is between the Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles, and the second game is between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns.

After opening night, every team will play one more game before their bye week. This is because each team has to play 17 games in 19 weeks, with no Sundays off.

The opening week of the season wraps up with Monday Night Football on September 9 when the New York Giants host the Detroit Lions. The Giants won last year’s Super Bowl against the Patriots while the Lions are coming off a disappointing 2-14 season where they finished last in their division for the second straight year.

The NFL season kicks off on Thursday night with Cincinnati Bengals hosting the Baltimore Ravens.

It’s not only the first game of the season, but also the first chance for fans to see their favorite teams in action.

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The NFL season will begin with a number of intriguing matchups between playoff contenders, including the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers and two-time defending NFC champion Seattle Seahawks visiting their rival San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night.

There are plenty of games to look forward to this weekend, including some that could have major implications on who wins titles this year. Here’s a look at some key games:

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Baltimore Ravens (Thursday) — The Ravens tore through much of last season before losing three straight down the stretch and falling just short of reaching the Super Bowl for a third straight year. They enter this season with questions at quarterback as Joe Flacco continues to recover from last year’s torn ACL and rookie Breshad Perriman tries to get acclimated after missing most of training camp due to injury. Cincinnati has its own issues at quarterback after Andy Dalton missed most of camp and preseason with an injured thumb but is expected to play Thursday night despite being listed as questionable for

The NFL regular season is the annual American football competition between the 32 teams of the National Football League (NFL). The league was organized in 1920 as the American Professional Football Association (APFA) with ten teams from four states, all of whom existed in some form as participants of regional leagues in their respective territories; it took on its current name in 1922. The NFL was preceded by several other professional football leagues, including the Ohio League, the New York Pro Football League, and the YMCA Pro Football League. The NFL was an independent suspension of the APFA until 1934. In 1966, the NFL absorbed eleven of the twelve remaining independent professional football franchises to create a new league of twenty-two clubs: sixteen in the United States and six in Canada.

The NFL’s 17-week regular season runs from September 7 to December 30, with each team playing 16 games during that span. Following each regular season schedule are two playoff rounds – a “wild card” round for non-division winners which takes place earlier in January during wild card weekend and later in January during divisional round weekend; and a “divisional” round for division champions which takes place toward

Is the 2022 NFL schedule out yet?

The NFL schedule for the 2022 season has not been released.

The NFL schedule for the 2022 season will be announced in March 2021. The first Sunday of that season is Sept. 7, which means we’ll get our first look at the schedule on Thursday, March 14, 2021 (Good Friday).

The new schedule has to be released by April 1, 2021, so it will probably come out sometime in March or April. If it’s not released by that date, the league gets docked $500,000 per day until it gets done.

When we do get our first look at the 2022 NFL schedule, it will be interesting to see how things have changed since we last saw it.

The Raiders have moved back to Oakland and have been playing their home games there since 2020. They will continue to play at Chase Field through 2022 before moving into their new stadium in 2023.

The Raiders’ home opener will be against the Cardinals, while they’ll travel to face them twice during the season (Week 11 & Week 13). Arizona also has three road games against AFC teams (Jaguars, Chiefs & Broncos).

The NFL schedule is released every spring and announced on the league’s website. The schedule for the 2022 season has not been released yet, but it will likely be available in the coming weeks.

The NFL uses an 82-game regular-season format that includes 16 games for each team, followed by a postseason consisting of four rounds of playoffs. The postseason features 12 teams competing for Super Bowl LIV in Miami Gardens, Florida, on February 7, 2023.

The first round of playoffs is called the wild card round and consists of two single-elimination games between the two teams with the best records who are not division champions — they are referred to as “wild card” teams because they were not able to win their divisions in their respective conferences. The second round is known as the divisional round and consists of four single-elimination games between all eight remaining teams in each conference. The winners of these two rounds advance to the conference championships — another single elimination game played between the winners of each conference’s divisional round games — before moving on to Super Bowl LIV.

Yes, the NFL schedule for 2022 is out.

The NFL released its full schedule for the 2022 season on Tuesday night. The slate includes 256 games — two more than any other season — and features a Thursday night opener between the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys on Sept. 3 in Arlington, Texas.

The league also announced that the 2022 Super Bowl will be held at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona. The Arizona Cardinals will host their first Super Bowl since 1996 when they defeated the San Francisco 49ers.

Here’s everything you need to know about this season’s schedule:

The regular season begins on Sept. 3 with a doubleheader on NBC Sports Network as well as Fox Sports 1 and CBS Sports Network (all times Eastern):

Thursday, Sept. 3: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys, 8:00 p.m., NBCSN; Los Angeles Rams at Oakland Raiders, 10:00 p.m., CBSSN

Sunday, Sept. 6: New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers, 4:25 p.m., CBS; Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions, 1:00 p.m., FOX; Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers, 1:00 p.m., FOX; Chicago Bears

The NFL schedule is released every year around this time and it’s one of the most anticipated days of the year. The schedule is out, and all teams have their opponents set for the upcoming season.

The NFL schedule is out, so here’s a rundown of what’s on tap for each team:

AFC East

New England Patriots

The Patriots are coming off another Super Bowl victory and they’ll look to repeat as champions in 2019. The Pats will open up the season at home against the Steelers before traveling to Buffalo for Week 2. They’ll face their division rival twice during the regular season, with one matchup coming during Week 13.

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins were busy this offseason adding veterans like Frank Gore and Julius Thomas to help bolster their offense. Miami also added Josh Rosen from Arizona in hopes that he’ll be able to take over as QB1 when Ryan Fitzpatrick decides to retire or move on from Miami. The Dolphins will open up against the Bears before hosting the Jaguars in Week 2. In total, Miami plays four games against AFC East foes during the regular season — including two matchups against New England

Has the NFL season started already?

The NFL season is just around the corner, which means that we’re entering the best time of year for football fans.

But if you’ve been dreaming about watching football all day, every day, and you can’t wait for the actual season to begin, then it may be time for a new hobby.

You see, the NFL preseason has already begun. And if you haven’t noticed, it’s kicking off big time with two games this week: The Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots will face off in Foxborough on Thursday night; while the Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders will face off at AT&T Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

And while it might seem silly to watch games that don’t count in the standings, these contests are actually important if you want an idea of how each team will perform during the regular season. You’ll also see some familiar faces — like Tom Brady — who won’t be playing in their usual positions due to injury or suspension (Dak Prescott).

So if you need your fix early this year, here’s how to watch NFL preseason without cable:

Streaming services like Hulu With Live TV have deals with many local networks across the country that carry preseason games (most notably NBC

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The NFL season started on Thursday, and it’s moving faster than I can keep up with. It’s been two days, and I’m already completely confused about what’s going on.

I don’t want to admit it, but I’m starting to think that football is more complicated than it looks. I know that sounds ridiculous for a game where the only rule is “tackle someone,” but it’s true!

For example, there are actually three different ways to score points in football: field goals, touchdowns and extra points (they’re all worth one point). And each of those has two different ways to score them: by kicking the ball or running it into the end zone. And you can only kick field goals if you’re inside your opponent’s 20-yard line (the red part of the field), which isn’t always easy to get to because there are people like linemen blocking your way.

And then there are penalties! You get penalized for committing too many penalties (which happens a lot) or when one team commits an infraction while another team didn’t (which rarely happens). And sometimes people do things like commit unsportsmanlike conduct penalties after they’ve already scored a touchdown! That makes no sense at all!

It’s been a crazy week in the NFL, with all sorts of surprises.

It began with the New York Giants’ shocking decision to bench Eli Manning in favor of Geno Smith. Then we saw the Chicago Bears lose to the Seattle Seahawks at Soldier Field, which was pretty embarrassing. And now we’re going to witness Tom Brady’s first game back from his Deflategate suspension this week against the Cleveland Browns.

But did you know that there is a remarkable amount of football being played in other countries? In fact, football has been played on every continent except Antarctica for more than 100 years!

Well, yes, it has.

The NFL preseason began last week and the regular season will open on Sept. 5 with the Super Bowl champion Eagles facing the Falcons in Atlanta.

There are plenty of questions heading into this season: Will Tom Brady be suspended? Will the Browns win a game? Will the Oakland Raiders move to Las Vegas?

Here’s a look at some of those questions and others important to this year’s NFL season:

Brady’s appeal: The Patriots star quarterback will challenge his four-game suspension for allegedly deflating footballs during the AFC title game in 2015. Brady has denied any wrongdoing and is expected to focus on whether NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was impartial when handing down his punishment. Goodell appointed himself as arbitrator in this case, which is why Brady’s lawyers are appealing to have another arbitrator handle the case instead. If Brady loses his appeal and winds up missing games, backup Jimmy Garoppolo will start in place of him while Jacoby Brissett will serve as his backup.

Jimmy Garoppolo could start if Tom Brady’s suspension stands

How many games are in the NFL season 2022?

How many games are in the NFL season 2022
How many games are in the NFL season 2022

The NFL season 2022 is a series of regular-season and postseason American football games scheduled to be played from September 1, 2022 to February 3, 2023. The season will consist of 256 games in total, with each team playing 16 games.

The season will begin on Thursday, September 3, 2022 and end on Sunday, February 2, 2023. The league’s annual Pro Bowl game will be held on Saturday, February 16 at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The playoffs will begin on the weekend of January 10–11 when the Wild Card round is conducted. The Divisional round games will be played on either Saturday, January 17 or Sunday, January 18 depending on the location of the site. The Conference Championship games will be held a week later on Sunday or Monday night depending on the site of each game. The Super Bowl continues to take place at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida and will be played during Super Bowl LIV (54th).

The NFL season 2022 is scheduled to begin September 4 and end December 21. The regular season will consist of 256 games, including 24 games on Thursday nights, 16 games on Mondays, 8 games on Saturdays and 4 games on Fridays.

The NFL preseason schedule for all 32 teams was released in March of 2021. The first game of the preseason is scheduled for August 1 and the final game will be played on August 31.

The NFL season 2022 is the 112th season of the National Football League (NFL). The season will begin on Thursday, September 4, 2022. The regular season will conclude with a full slate of 16 games on Sunday, December 15, 2022. The postseason will begin on Saturday, January 5, 2023 with the Wild Card Playoff Round and conclude with Super Bowl LIV (54) at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida on Sunday, February 2, 2023.

The NFL will return to London this year for its first game outside the United Kingdom since 2015 when the Oakland Raiders take on the Seattle Seahawks at Wembley Stadium on October 26th. It will be one of three games played at Wembley Stadium during Week 6 as the New York Giants face off against the Washington Redskins and the Houston Texans face off against the Oakland Raiders in London’s first-ever doubleheader.

The NFL season 2021 is the 121st regular season of the National Football League (NFL). The season will begin on September 5, 2021 and end with Super Bowl LIV, the league’s championship game, on February 7, 2022. The playoffs will conclude with the Pro Bowl on February 6, 2022 at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida.

The NFL Draft 2020 was held from April 25–27, 2020 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. The first round was broadcast live by Fox Sports 1 and ESPN2; Rounds 2–3 were simulcast by both networks on a tape delay basis; Rounds 4–7 were streamed live by NFL Network and ESPN+. In addition to the draft itself, all 32 teams conducted local pro days for prospects who attended college but did not attend the draft itself.

Prior to 2019, there were no limits to how many games an NFL team could play per season. However, the league had a policy that prohibited teams from playing more than 16 games per season until 2023 (there are 17 weeks in an NFL season). This rule was put into place after several players died from exhaustion during their games in the early 1900s.

Is the 2021 NFL schedule available?

Yes, the 2021 NFL schedule is available. We have a link to all 256 games below.

The NFL released the full schedule for 2021 on Saturday afternoon, and it’s an interesting one with some notable games.

The Los Angeles Rams will open the season against the New Orleans Saints at the Superdome in what should be an entertaining matchup between two of the NFC’s best teams.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will take on his former team in Week 2 when they travel to Miami to face the Dolphins — and he’ll also get a chance to face off against his former offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and his new team, the Denver Broncos on Nov. 3 (Week 11).

On Nov. 21 (Week 11), Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will return from injury when he takes on the Seattle Seahawks in Lambeau Field. Rodgers hasn’t played since breaking his collarbone during a Week 6 loss to Chicago, but he has been practicing since Week 10 and appears ready to go for this game against Seattle.

The NFL schedule is available to view on NFL.com and on the official NFL Mobile app.

The 2021 NFL schedule was released on Thursday, April 10th at 8:00 PM ET. The defending Super Bowl champions are scheduled to open the season on September 5th against their division rival, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The schedule will be released in reverse order of record (worst to best), so the Seahawks and Chiefs are scheduled to play on the last day of the regular season (December 30th).

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The first game of the regular season will take place on Thursday, September 5th when New Orleans hosts Atlanta in an NFC South matchup. The second game of Week 1 features Baltimore at Detroit in a key AFC North battle.

The NFL has released the 2020 schedule, but we still don’t know when the 2021 season will begin. The NFL hasn’t released the complete schedule for 2021 yet, but it’s expected to be available in early 2020.

The 2020 season started on Wednesday, September 5 and ends on Sunday, February 2, 2021. The NFL preseason begins Thursday, August 1 and ends on Thursday, August 29. The league has not announced any official dates for the 2021 season yet.

The 2020 NFL season kicks off with a Super Bowl rematch between the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas at 7 p.m. Eastern Time on NBC on September 5 (and streaming online).

This will be the first time since 2003 that the Super Bowl winner opens their title defense with a road game against one of their division rivals; that year it was Green Bay Packers traveling to Lambeau Field to take on Brett Favre and his Minnesota Vikings team. This will also be only the second time since 1995 that both teams have made it back to Week 1 after winning a Super Bowl (New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Chargers in 2019).

The NFL schedule is released in April of each year. The exact date can vary from year to year, but it’s usually around the same time.

The NFL releases the complete schedule on Thursday night at 8:00 p.m. ET. This should be the same as last year, when the league announced its 2020 schedule on April 10, 2019, at 8:00 p.m. ET (with some teams’ schedules being released slightly earlier than others).

You can watch a live stream of the schedule release on NFL Network or watch it online here at CBSSports.com

How many games are in the NFL preseason?

How many games are in the NFL preseason
How many games are in the NFL preseason

The NFL preseason consists of four games, two games for each team. The first two games are against teams in your division and the last two are against teams in another division.

The NFL preseason is the annual showcase of the game’s top talent. It’s a chance for fans to get a glimpse of their favorite players before they head into the regular season, and it’s also a chance for those players to get some valuable game experience under their belts.

The preseason lasts four weeks, with two games per week. That means there are 16 games in total. The first week sees eight teams compete; this is called Week 1 of the preseason. The following three weeks are known as Weeks 2-4 of the preseason, with each team playing one game against another team from its division.

The NFL preseason schedule is broken into four different phases: the preseason opener, first cutdown, second cutdown and final cuts.

The preseason opener will take place on Thursday, Aug. 8, with the league’s 32 teams playing a total of 10 games over four days. The matchups will be announced by the NFL once all 32 teams are finalized.

The first cutdown will occur on Aug. 31 and see teams whittle their rosters down to 75 players for Week 1 of the regular season. On Sept. 1, teams must get down to 53 players on their active roster.

Following the second cutdown, which occurs on Sept. 2, every team must have at least 46 players on their active roster — with up to eight players designated as exempt from counting toward that number — meaning there are only a few jobs left to fight for during the third phase of preseason play.

There are four preseason games for each team, two home and two away.

There are also two games in the Hall of Fame Game, one home and one away.

The last preseason game is usually played the weekend before the Super Bowl. In 2019, that means it will be played on Saturday, Feb. 1.

Why are there 18 weeks in the NFL this year?

The NFL season has 18 weeks, but why?

The NFL season is a long, grueling slog. There are 17 weeks of games, and then there’s the playoffs. The NFL season is so long that it’s actually broken into two halves: the regular season and the playoffs.

But why are there 18 weeks in the NFL? Is it just a random number that’s been around forever? Not exactly.

The NFL schedule has been set up this way since 2002, when commissioner Paul Tagliabue decided to lengthen the season by adding two more games to each team’s schedule. This brought the total number of regular-season games up to 16 for each team (from 14) and increased total revenue for owners by about $250 million per year, according to Sports Illustrated.

Today there are 32 teams — but it wasn’t always this way. When the league was founded in 1920, there were just 14 teams, which played two games each against their opponents from the opposite conference (for example: The Lions would play two games against every team in the AFC East). That meant they only played against 10 other teams during the regular season. In 1963, when Dallas Cowboys owner Clint Murchison Jr. proposed increasing

The NFL season is 18 weeks long, which means that there are five games in each of the 16-game regular seasons. Why?

The league has had an 18-week schedule since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger, but that wasn’t always the case. From 1920 to 1970, the NFL schedule was much shorter. The first season of the American Football League in 1960 also had 13 games per team; this changed to 14 games by 1962, when franchises were added in Dallas and Houston.

In 1966, the NFL increased its number of teams from 12 to 14 with the addition of Atlanta and New Orleans. This brought the league up to 14 teams total. The following year, 1967, saw another expansion when Miami joined as well; this increased the number of teams again by one more than it had been for a few years now — 15 total. That made for a 16-game season with each franchise playing a home-and-away series against all other teams in their conference plus one game against every other team from their own conference (in this case: 16 games). This formula remained unchanged until 1970 when merger negotiations between the leagues began in earnest and led to what we know today as today’s National Football

The NFL season is 18 weeks long.

The reason for this is because it’s a financial decision. The longer the season, the more games that can be sold on television deals.

In fact, all of the major sports leagues have expanded in recent years to maximize their revenue streams.

The NBA has gone from 82 games per team to 82 games plus playoffs – with teams playing on Christmas Day every year since 2001 (except in 2011).

The NHL has gone from 84 games per team to 82 plus playoffs – with teams playing on New Year’s Day every year since 2005 (except in 2012).

The MLB has gone from 162 games per week to 162 plus playoffs – with teams playing on Mother’s Day every year since 2006 (except in 2008).

The NFL schedule is made up of 256 games, split into two groups. The first group consists of 16 games played by each team during the regular season. The second group is made up of eight games that are played by each team during the postseason.

The first group of 256 games is known as the regular season. It begins on Thursday, September 6th with the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. The final game of this group will be played on Sunday, December 30th when the only undefeated team in NFL history, the Los Angeles Rams, hosts their bitter rivals from San Francisco at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

The second group of 256 games consists of playoff matchups that take place after Week 17 and before Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta on February 3rd 2020 (Super Bowl LIV). This group begins with Wild Card Weekend on Saturday January 5th and continues until Super Bowl LIII where the winner will be crowned champions of professional football for 2019-20