10 Big Plane Crashes

In today’s content, we will talk about 10 big plane crashes in history.

Saudi Arabian Airlines flight 163, 19 August 1980 – Riyadh

On 19 August 1980, a Lockheed l-1011-200 tristar type passenger plane belonging to Saudi Arabian Airlines, flight number 163, took off from Riyadh airport, 6-7 minutes after the fire broke out in the cargo area, although the pilot of the plane returned and landed on the runway. Due to the late intervention of the fire brigade, a total of 301 people, including 287 passengers and 14 crew members, lost their lives.

November 12, 1996 – New Delhi, India

Date November 12, 1996 As a result of the collision of the Boeing 747 of Saudi Arabian Airlines and Ilyushin 76 of Kazakhstan Airlines, all 312 people in Boeing and 37 people in Ilyushin died, and no one escaped from 2 planes, and a total of 349 people lost their lives. .

Tenerife Disaster, March 27, 1977 – Tenerife, Spain

The date was March 27, 1977 As the plane with the code KLM Boeing 747 was getting ready to take off, it collided with the plane with the code Pan Am Boeing 747, which had not yet left the runway, resulting in the death of a total of 583 people on 2 planes in this catastrophic accident.

Japan Airlines flight 123, August 12, 1985 – Ueno, Japan

The date is August 12, 1985 Japanese Airlines Boeing 747SR type aircraft crashed on Takamagahara Mountain near Ueno, flying for 32 more minutes despite the efforts of the pilots as a result of the vertical tail breaking off after takeoff. 4 people survived this catastrophic accident in which 520 people died in total. In addition, this plane crash resulted in history as the most fatal accident in an accident involving a single plane.

Turkish Airlines Flight 981, March 3, 1974 – Paris, France

The date is March 3, 1974 When the cargo door of the DC 10 type aircraft belonging to Turkish Airlines opened shortly after take-off, the plane crashed outside Paris. This accident is also known as the Ermenonville disaster. A total of 346 people died in this accident.

Indian Airways flight 182, 23 June 1985 – Ireland

The date is June 23, 1985. Boeing 747-237b type aircraft, which made the flight 182 of montreal-london-delhi belonging to Indian airlines, while flying over the Irish borders, fell into the Atlantic ocean as a result of the explosion of the bomb placed inside by the terrorists. A total of 329 people lost their lives in this accident.

Iranian Airways Flight 655, 3 July 1988 – Persian Gulf

The date is July 3, 1988 An Airbus A300B2-203 type passenger plane belonging to Iranian Airlines was shot down by two missiles, mistook as a warplane, while passing over the Persian Gulf, by a military ship of the United States. As a result of this accident, a total of 290 people, 66 of whom were children, survived .

Pan-Am flight 103, “Lockerbie Disaster”, 21 December 1988 – Lockerbie, Scotland

The date is December 21, 1988 Pan-Am Airlines Boeing 747 type passenger plane crashed near Lockerbie, Scotland, while making the London-New York flight. A total of 275 people died, including 258 people on board and 17 people living at the crash site. It is thought that Libya is responsible for this disaster.

Korean Airlines Flight 007, September 1, 1983

The date is September 1, 1983 Korean Airlines’ 007 Boeing 747 model airplane set off from Alaska to Seoul. But Boeing veered off course twice and accidentally entered Soviet airspace. The Soviets perceived this plane as a spy plane and it was shot down by the Russian Air Force. After being hit, the plane crashed into the Sea of Japan, killing a total of 269 people.

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