Nardo Gray

In our content, we will tell you about the usage areas and color code of the color nardo gray.

Nardo gray is one of the shades of gray that is generally used in automobiles. It is mostly used in automobiles after coating or painting. You can also use the Nardo gray color in your vehicle in matt or metallic form. One of the biggest features of the Nardo gray color is that it makes your vehicle look different. Since there is not much Nardo gray, it draws all attention to your vehicle while driving on the road or when parked. Although Nardo gray is usually seen in vehicles such as BMW Audi, it is a color that reveals its difference in every vehicle it is applied to. Nardo gray is a beautiful color that you can use not only in your vehicles but also everywhere. The paint code for Nardo gray color is LY7C. Paint codes make it easy for you to find the tone of colors. You can make the color darker, metallic or matte if you want.

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