Can You Get a Lip Piercing With Braces

Can You Get a Lip Piercing With Braces? can you get a lip piercing with braces Can you get a lip piercing with braces? You can get any piercing you want with braces, but make sure you take some precautions to avoid damaging your teeth and brackets.

When you’re getting a labret piercing for the first time, there are tons of things to consider. Make sure your lip is healthy and not infected, select the right jewelry size and style, and find an experienced piercer you trust. But if you have braces, there’s one more thing to add to your list: talk to your orthodontist before getting pierced.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about getting a labret piercing while wearing braces. From what to ask your orthodontist beforehand to how to care for both at home, we’ve got the info that will keep your smile happy and healthy!

Yes, you can get a lip piercing with braces. In fact, the better question to ask yourself is if it’s a good idea to have the two together.

If you have braces, your orthodontic treatment is going to be pretty involved. You’ll need to pay attention to your oral hygiene, use special tools and take care of your aligners. A lip ring will make all of this more difficult.

Lip piercings are a magnet for bacteria

The mouth is full of germs. Braces add to that and make it difficult to remove them. A lip ring only makes it harder to remove food particles and bacteria from your teeth and braces. When these don’t get cleaned off regularly, they can cause tooth decay and gum disease (piercings in general aren’t great for your oral hygiene).

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This may not seem like the biggest deal, but if you want straight teeth after you have your braces removed, you have to take care of your teeth while they’re on. If you don’t, it could mean more time in braces or even permanent damage that requires other treatment like crowns or fillings.

Lip piercings can cause injuries

You might

So, you’re getting braces and still want to get a lip piercing? That’s totally doable.

But there are a few things to consider first that will make your life with braces easier.

You can have a lip piercing with braces, however, the type of piercing you have can affect your braces. The short answer is yes but it does depend on what type of piercing you choose.

Since you need to keep your oral hygiene in tip-top shape, it’s best to pick a piercing that will not directly come into contact with the braces. You don’t want anything to come between your mouth and your teeth cleaning materials, like floss and toothbrushes.

You’ll also want to keep away from certain types of jewelry that can get tangled or caught in your braces and cause some damage. Any jewelry that has jagged edges or sharp points should be avoided.”

You can get a lip piercing with braces, but you should wait until you get your braces off.

There are 4 main reasons why you should wait to get a lip piercing until after your braces are removed.

The metal in the braces may interfere with the process of healing of the wound. The metal and wires in the braces can cause the lip to swell up due to infection or allergy. The lip ring may damage or weaken the braces. The metal post in the lip ring can pull out teeth or break wires.

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If you want to get a lip piercing while wearing braces, you should be in your late teen years or older. Braces are not usually recommended for children younger than 12, and they need time to work properly anyway. If you are young and have braces, you will probably have to remove them first before getting any piercings.

If you have a lip piercing and get braces, it’s fine to wear the lip jewelry during the orthodontic treatment. But your dentist might recommend that you take it out before each dental appointment, as the jewelry could interfere with the exam or cleaning.

If you’re considering getting a new lip piercing while wearing braces, talk with your orthodontist first. Get professional advice from someone who knows what’s best for your teeth and gums.

You can get any piercing with braces, but the lip in particular is very problematic. The lip is one of the most problematic piercings and healing is never guaranteed. Braces make it a much bigger issue and most piercers will not do it if you have braces. You are also required to have parental consent if you are under 18.

What are lip piercings?

What are lip piercings

There are different types of lip piercings, with the most common being labret, medusa, and Monroe.

Labret piercing: This is the type of piercing where a stud is pierced below the lower lip. It is sometimes also referred to as a lower lip piercing.

Medusa piercing: This is where a bar or stud is placed through the philtrum. The philtrum is the part in your center of your upper lip below your nose.

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Monroe piercing: This is a type of labret piercing that’s on the left side and named after Marilyn Monroe. It’s meant to look like her beauty spot.

Other less popular types include vertical labret, Jestrum, Dahlia, Ashley and snake bites (two piercings on either side).