Sun Nails

The colors that suit the nails the most are yellow and orange tones, these are called sun nails. What You Should Know About Prosthetic Nails A prosthetic nails is a false nail. However, it does not look artificial like fake nails. Although the prosthetic nail looks quite natural from the outside, it does not give … Read more

What is The Liver? What Does The Liver Do?

The liver is primarily responsible for separating blood and nutrients from each other. At the same time, it ensures the regular operation of many different hormones that the body needs. With is spongy structure, it absorbs toxic nutrients that have entered the body and ensures that they are removed from the body. What is The … Read more

What Should We Do to Keep Our Lungs Healthy?

Like humans, the respiratory organ of all vertebrates in the lungs. In the act of breathing, air passesĀ  through the trachea and reaches the lungs through the nose and mouth. Its main task is to carry the oxygen in our world into the bloodstream and to expel carbon dioxide from the blood. Our lungs are … Read more

What is The Stomach? What is Stomach Burn?

The stomach one of our most important organs that ensures the healthy functioning of the digestive system. The part connected to the esophagus is called kardid the smaller part of the stomach is called the sixth coscal. What Are The Functions of The Stomach in The Body? Fluids produced in the stomach wall from other … Read more

What is The Heart? How Does the Heart Work?

Heart; it is an organ that is located between the chest, under the ribs near the left park and consists of many muscles. It stands closer to the left between the chest line that is not exactly on the left. While the heart weight is around 340 gr in men; weight is slightly lower in … Read more