What Should We Do to Keep Our Lungs Healthy?

Like humans, the respiratory organ of all vertebrates in the lungs. In the act of breathing, air passes  through the trachea and reaches the lungs through the nose and mouth. Its main task is to carry the oxygen in our world into the bloodstream and to expel carbon dioxide from the blood. Our lungs are located in the thoracic cavity, two on the right and left. The right lung has 1 more lobe than the left lung. There are 3 lobes on the right and 2 lobes on the left. The cumulative scarcity of menstruation on the left is due to its location in the same area as the hearth. Since the lung is located in the chest cavity, it has a natural protection. Just as your eyes are empty and naturally protected from many external factors. Sound formation also takes place through the lungs.

In summary the main tasks our lungs undertake;

Its main and most important task is to give oxygen to the blood and remove carbon dioxide from the blood.

It also helps regulate body temperature as the blood is cooled in the lungs.

Substances such as alcohol, cigarettes and drugs should not be use. These three substances make breathing difficult, cause heart attacks and even cancer with the chemicals they contain. Regular exercise should be done. Sports is one of the first steps for a healthy body. Routine jogging ensures regular breathing. Regular and vigorous breathing expands our lungs and opens the pores of this sponge like organ. Swimming is also a very healthy activity for the lung. Exposure of the body to cold while sweating is also included in this list. In order not to sweat in cold weather, you should wear tight clothes and be protected from cold weather. Otherwise, lower and upper respiratory tract infections will occur with the common cold, which can damage our lungs. Clean air is very important.

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The initial state of the lungs has a pink color. In terms of human life, foreign substances entering the lungs through respiration over the years turn the lungs first gray and than black. This color difference is not just a color, on the contrary. It is an indication that the lungs age over time. Air conditioned environments should be avoided. Humid environments should be avoided. Chemical exposure to certain occupational groups should be avoided. In cold weather, breath through the nose instead of the mouth.

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