Commercial Electrical Services

Commercial electrical services are responsible for designing, installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems in commercial buildings. Some types of these buildings include restaurants, offices, medical facilities, hotels, retail stores, and warehouses.

Commercial electricians can also be found working on industrial buildings that have large electrical needs such as manufacturing facilities or power plants. Before any work begins on a commercial building the property owner must have their electrical system inspected to comply with safety standards. A commercial electrician will inspect the building and then plan out the electrical systems that are required. This includes:


Electrical panels

Circuit breakers



Other components needed to safely run the electrical system within the building

Commercial electricians must be familiar with the National Electrical Code (NEC), which is updated every three years to ensure that their work is always up to date and meets all the safety regulations. They may also need to be familiar with local codes. Local jurisdictions may have different requirements than those in the NEC.

Commercial electrical contractors are employed in a variety of industries and should be knowledgeable about the different systems within each industry. For example, commercial electricians who work on office buildings understand how electricity is used in an office building and ensure it supplies enough power for everything from conference rooms to vending machines.

A large portion of commercial electricians’ work involves installing new systems or remodeling old ones. The process usually begins with a consultation between the owner of the building and the contractor to discuss what they want. They will then draw up plans based on their needs and budget. Once completed, they will submit the plans to a building department for approval before beginning construction.

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Commercial electricians also repair any problems that arise in an existing system or install new wiring if necessary.

In many cases, commercial electricial services work within a team of other professionals to ensure that all aspects of an electrical system are operating efficiently. This includes lighting fixtures that may be complex or basic depending on the type of building and its purpose. An office building will have a different purpose than an industrial warehouse or a residential home.

Commercial electricians use some of the same tools as residential electricians. However, they may also need to use additional equipment including cranes and aerial lifts to reach higher levels in taller buildings.

Some commercial electricians specialize in a particular type of building (for example a hotel or a warehouse), while others may work with a wide variety of buildings.

Typically, commercial electricians are responsible for:

Installing wiring systems and troubleshooting electrical problems.

Installing lighting fixtures in commercial buildings.

Installing backup generators.

Designing and installing security systems.

Inspecting properties to ensure that they meet safety standards.

The demand for commercial electrician services is expected to grow because of the growing construction industry. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that job opportunities for electricians will rise by 9 percent between 2014-2024.

Because businesses need electricity to run efficiently, there will always be a demand for skilled electricians. For example, when a new business moves into an old building or office space, it may need to have the electrical system updated so it can operate properly and safely.

Electricity is an essential component of any structure today. From personal homes to corporate offices, all buildings need power to operate efficiently. The systems that provide these structures with electricity are designed and installed by commercial electricians.

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Commercial electricial services are required to have more training than residential electricians. This is due to the fact that a commercial electrician may need to know how to handle different types of wiring for different applications. Additionally, commercial buildings tend to be larger than residential ones and may require more manpower to complete projects accurately and on time. One thing is for sure; a person working as a commercial electrician will never get bored!

Commercial electrical services encompass a wide range of projects and duties. To complete these tasks, commercial electricians need to be experts in the field of electrical systems, which includes repair, installation, replacement, maintenance, and designing.

What Commercial Electrical Services Are Available?

What Commercial Electrical Services Are Available?

The services that are available through commercial electrical services can vary depending on the business that is providing them. Some companies may offer all of the following services, while others may only specialize in a few of them:

Designing electrical systems for new buildings.

Installing and wiring electrical systems.

Maintaining existing electrical systems.

Repairing faulty electrical systems.