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Dark Choco Cookie

Dark Choco Cookie

The Dark Mode storyline is mainly focused on the Dark Choco Cookie. The following games are some of the games where he appears and plays a role:

Name:Dark Choco Cookie

Korean: 다크초코 쿠키, daku-choko kuki

Epic Cookie: Yes

Class: Charge

Position: Front

Death Effect: None

Debut: Dark Mode (2019)

Available since launch.

Cookie Run: Kingdom – The Dark Choco Cookie was the prince of the Dark Cacao Kingdom (a kingdom that makes up all of the Dark Mode Cookies’ homeworld) who, along with his mother, was exiled from the kingdom. After being betrayed by his mother and being cursed by her as well, he was forced to live in exile with his father and later joined forces with him to conquer the land. He sought out to find his father’s missing crown but ended up battling against Captain Gingerbread and his crew. The player chases after him and eventually defeats him, thus freeing him from the curse placed upon him by his mother.

Cookie Run: OvenBreak – The Dark Choco Cookie returns for Cookie Run: OvenBreak as an Epic Cookie available since launch. He has been redesigned as a dark-skinned male Cookie with two horns on top of his head, two triangular spikes protruding from both sides of his head, a green gem embedded on his forehead, black eyes, thick eyebrows, and a mouth filled with sharp teeth resembling those of a shark. His left horn is broken

Although Dark Choco Cookie is not known as a strong front-runner, having low HP, his Special allows him to become one.

His Special Skill has a very high value of points (1.7x) and his Skill Boost gives him another 1.4x for a total of 2.38x.

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When his Special Skill is active, this Cookie can be compared to Cookies in the Legendary class, such as Purplicious Cat Cookie, Arcobaleno Cookie, or Sword Master Cookie.

Dark Choco Cookie is a short, pale-skinned Cookie. He has dark eyes with long eyelashes, long black hair, and two visible teeth. He wears a black sleeveless shirt with a white collar and red trimming around the neckline, as well as black pants with a red belt. His arms are covered in dark brown bracelets and he wears a pair of red wristbands.

In his Idle Animation, he swings his sword to create thunder clouds in the background.