Face Peircing

What is a face peircing? Facial piercings are any piercings that go through the skin on the face. This includes everything except earlobe piercings and other body piercings in and around the ear.Face Peircing

There are many different types of facial piercings, including eyebrow piercings, nose piercings, lip and oral piercings, cheek piercings and dimple piercings.

Depending on where you get it done, a facial piercing may take between two and twelve weeks to heal. You should keep your new piercing clean and use special care to avoid infection.

You can get most facial piercings done at a tattoo parlor or salon. But make sure you go somewhere reputable to reduce your risk of infection and complications from a bad piercing.

Face piercings are any type of piercing that is not on the earlobe or cartilage. This includes the nose, cheeks, lips, eyebrows and chin.

The face is a very popular place to get piercings because it allows for many different types of jewelry and it’s a great way to enhance your appearance.

Face piercings take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months to fully heal depending on the piercing. The most common face piercing to get infected is the nose, but this can be avoided by keeping it clean with saline solution and practicing good hygiene.

A face piercing is a type of body modification that includes anything from the very popular eyebrow piercing to the less common bridge piercing.

Face piercings are any piercings that are placed on the facial area. The most popular positions for implant grade jewellery include the eyebrow, nose, lip and cheeks.

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A facial piercing is any piercing on the face, usually referring to the area below the eyes. Some facial piercings are surface piercings and require more special aftercare than traditional piercings.[1]

Face Piercing in General

Face Piercing is all piercings on the face outside of the mouth. The most common facial piercings are Eyebrow, Cheek and Nose Piercings. But also Lip Piercings, Earlobe Piercings and Tongue Piercings are among the most popular piercings on the face.

There are many different piercing methods and piercing types known. We want to explain some of them in this article – but there are so many and they vary so much in details that we can only present them briefly.