Can You Get a Mammogram With Piercings

Can You Get a Mammogram With Piercings? If you have pierced breasts, you may wonder if the piercings would interfere with mammogram results.

So can you get a mammogram with piercings? The answer is yes.

Keep in mind that the technician may need to ask you to remove your nipple rings or breast jewelry before the procedure.

Don’t attempt to do this yourself — let the technician do it for you as part of the procedure.

The person doing the mammogram will be aware of breast piercings and should handle them appropriately during the test.

In most cases, yes. But some facilities have restrictions about what can be worn during a mammogram.

Mammograms are an essential part of breast cancer screening. The test involves using X-rays to take images of the breast tissue.

During the procedure, your breasts will be flattened with a special machine and X-rayed from several angles. This allows doctors to look for any abnormalities that might need further investigation.

While getting screened regularly is important, some people may worry about how they should prepare for their mammogram or what they should wear on the day of the imaging.

In this article, we discuss whether or not you can get a mammogram with piercings, including nipple piercings. We also provide some tips on how to prepare for your mammography appointment.

If you have nipple piercings, the technician will ask you to remove the jewelry before the mammogram. You can put it back in after the procedure.

If you have breast piercings, your doctor may ask you to remove them. Before your appointment, talk to your doctor about how to best prepare for your mammogram if you have breast piercings.

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Depending on where the piercing is located, you should ask for a technologist that is familiar with mammograms and x-rays in that area. If the piercings are underneath your breasts, you may actually be able to lie on top of them. If the piercings are closer to the breast itself and not under it, there are two main options:

  1. You can remove the piercing for the mammogram. If this is an option for you, then I would suggest that you take out your piercing prior to arriving at your appointment so that you will not have a hole left behind if your piercings tend to close up quickly.
  2. If removing your piercing is not an option, I would recommend talking to your doctor or nurse beforehand and letting them know that you have piercings so they can talk to the radiologist who will be performing your mammogram.

Hi, Any piercings can be removed for the mammogram. The staff or even you can do this before your appointment. They can also be put back in after the mammogram is done. This would not affect the mammogram, but if you have any questions, call the mammography department where you are having your mammo. I hope this helps! Thanks, Mary

When you have a mammogram, the radiologist might need to remove your breast jewelry to get good pictures of your breast tissue. But you don’t have to remove any other piercings, such as in your nose or ears.

You may be asked to change into a gown during the exam because the metal closures on some clothing can interfere with the x-rays.

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If you have a pierced breast, it is important to remove the jewelry before your mammogram. The metal could show up on the x-ray and interfere with the radiologist’s ability to assess your breast tissue.

If you forget, the technologist will ask you to take it out during your exam.