Grape Molasses Recipe

In today’s content, we are with you with the grape molasses recipe, which is very beneficial for health and you can make naturally at home.

Tip for Making Grape Molasses

If you want to get a sour molasses, keep the first boiling stage long. You will get a thick juice. If it doesn’t scatter when you drip this must, it means you have sour molasses. However, this molasses will have an intense and sour taste in the acidic sense. Add earth, wood ash or carbonate to make it taste sweeter and prevent it from fermenting. If the amount of foam on it decreases when one of these materials enters, it means that the acid rate is decreasing. Take care to use clean soil or ash while preparing your molasses as much as you can. It is our recommendation. Calorie calculation is prepared for the jar.

How to Make Grape Molasses

  • Wash your grapes thoroughly and remove the stems.
  • Take it into a deep pot or cauldron. If you are doing it in your garden, crush it by wearing clean boots. If you are preparing it at home, crush it well with a crushing tool.
  • Then take it into a cheesecloth and separate the water and pulp from each other.
  • Then take the water you have separated into a deep pot. Bring it to a boil over low heat while stirring, taking care not to catch the bottom.
  • Spread clean earth or wood ash into a wide basin. Pour the slightly rested grape must on it. Let it rest covered for about a day.
  • During this rest, the substances that cause sediment will settle to the bottom, the acidity of your must will decrease and its fermentation will be prevented.
  • Next, filter the must and take it into the boiling pot, taking care not to mix the solids in it.
  • Boil your grape juice thoroughly by mixing. If foam forms on it at this stage, remove it with the help of a wooden spoon.
  • When the consistency of the cider thickens, remove it from the stove and let it rest. Pour into jars, close tightly and turn upside down. In this way, after resting for a while, consume it with pleasure.
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