Turkish Coffee Pot

In today’s content, we are with you with Turkish coffee pot making, which is one of the coffee types.

Make the preliminary preparation of cooking your Turkish coffee by following the order of coffee in the pot first, then sugar and water if desired according to the user’s preference.
Add 2 teaspoons of Turkish Coffee per cup and add as much sugar as you want.
Then put 1 Turkish coffee cup of cold drinking water for each cup. Turkish coffee is served with water.
Stir the coffee (and sugar if you have added it) with the water so that it is thoroughly wetted and dissolved.
Watch the pot approach the boiling point on low heat until foam forms on it.
Before it starts to boil, take it from low heat and distribute the coffee foam that rises on the upper layer equally into the cups.
Boil the remaining coffee in the pot one more time and then distribute it among the cups.

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