Half Syringe Lip Filler

Half Syringe Lip Filler is an injectable gel that is used to enhance the appearance of the lips by increasing their fullness through enlargement. The active ingredient in Half Syringe Lip Filler is a naturally occurring complex sugar called hyaluronic acid.

It is not uncommon for the lips to thin with age, which creates the need for lip augmentation. Injecting Half Syringe Lip Filler increases lip volume and gives you fuller, plumper lips.

1.half syringe lip filler

2.half syringe lip filler

3.half syringe lip filler

Was I happy with my results? Yes, absolutely. I could have gone bigger, but I’m happy with the natural look I achieved.

Would I do it again? Yes. Here’s why:

I am a makeup artist and esthetician, so my lips are a big part of my brand and business. It’s important to me to look as good as possible for my clients.

Because of the nature of those jobs, I’m always in front of people. That also means that I’m constantly taking pictures, and many of them are close-ups of me applying makeup or doing facials, which means you can really see my lips in all their (now relatively full) glory.

Having fuller lips just makes me feel more confident and beautiful — like a better version of myself! And that confidence translates into every area of my life, from work to personal relationships.

Hi, welcome to my website. My name is Dr.Lucia as a senior doctor with many years experience in the field of non-surgical aesthetic treatments. I have been practicing for over 20 years with my own private clinic and have been a member of SaveFace for over 2 years, under the best doctors category, who is an official government register of accredited practitioners.

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I practice in the prestigious area of Harley Street London, where all my cosmetic and surgical procedures are performed in a highly qualified and professional environment.

My main goal is to enhance beauty and confidence by restoring natural facial features through a range of non-invasive procedures. With age, we begin to lose our facial volume and skin elasticity which causes lines, wrinkles and sagging skin to appear. I will work closely with you to deliver natural results that rejuvenate your looks but also keep you looking like you.

In addition to my aesthetic career, I am also a GP practicing medicine in London. This allows me to help patients from different backgrounds with their health issues as well as their aesthetic concerns.

Can I Do Half Syringe Lip Filler?

Can I Do Half a Syringe of Lip Filler
Can I Do Half a Syringe of Lip Filler

Yes, you can do half a syringe. Lip fillers are usually done with hyaluronic acid-based products like Restylane Silk or Juvederm Ultra. These products come in different sized syringes and can be purchased in smaller amounts.

Can I do half a syringe of lip filler?

I get this question all the time and it is a very valid concern for most. Lip fillers are priced per syringe. However, when you look at the price of 1 ml of lip filler and compare it to other brands, it is pretty comparable. If you are looking to get .5 ml of lip filler, it is pretty much the same price as 1 ml so you might as well do the full syringe. You will get more longevity out of it and you can always go back and have more added if needed. If you choose to do half a syringe, it may not give you the fullness that you are looking for. In order to make sure you are getting exactly what you want out of your lip augmentation procedure, I suggest that my patients come in with an idea of how they want their lips to look. I have several before and after photos of my patients’ lips where you can see what kind of results they were able to achieve with different amounts of lip filler. This gives my patients a good base on what they can expect from their personal treatment plan.

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Yes you can do half a syringe of lip fillers. If you are not sure how much you want to do then you can start with 0.5ml and top-up if needed at a later date.

Best wishes,

Dr Chia

“You can do whatever you want, but I highly recommend not doing that. I do half syringes all the time, but I have been doing filler for over 20 years. It’s just not worth the risk in my opinion,” says Dr. Shafer. “I’m assuming they are talking about Restylane or Juvederm and that would be a very small amount in the lips,” he says.

“If someone wants really subtle volume and definition, which is very popular right now, then I might do a ‘baby’ syringe, which is 0.55 cc instead of 1 cc,” says Dr. Shafer. “But I never do less than that.”

A:There are several reasons why you should avoid getting lip filler. The first and most important is that it’s impossible to determine how much you need or what your lips will look like with only half a syringe. Typically, I start patients on one full syringe of filler, and then add more if needed. This allows me to see how the filler looks in your lips and gives me a baseline to work with.

Second, as a board-certified dermatologist, I see many women who get lip fillers on the black market. So much so that I’ve coined this term ‘lip bloat’ because there’s no way to know how much filler they use or what exactly is injected into their lips. Unfortunately, once this happens, we have to wait for it to dissolve and for the inflammation to go down before we can re-treat them — which can take months!

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The answer to this question is yes. If you are unsure about how much filler you want or need, we can administer less than a full syringe. This will provide you with some enhancement whilst giving you a good idea of how it feels and looks.

This may be a better option for you if:

You are looking for subtle changes to your lips

It is your first time having lip fillers

You do not know how much filler you want/need

You have only ever had small amounts of filler previously

If you have any further questions regarding lip fillers, or any other cosmetic treatment, please contact us today on 0115 9502020.

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