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How to Develop Aim

How to Develop Aim

Hi, aim is very important in FPS games such as VALORANT and CS: GO. If you want to rise in the league in the game and if you want to contribute more to your team in the games and show a good performance, you need a good aim. How is aim developed? Of course, by working and training, you will improve your aim and become a better player. Now we will share with you working methods on how you can improve your VALORANT aim.

Mouse Settings

First of all, we need to adjust our mouse sensitivity and dpi settings. Each player’s dpi and sensitivity settings are different, you have to adjust it according to yourself. (admin advice dpi:800 sensitivity:0.45)

Polygon Track

When we first enter the game, we see a polygon track. This track has been prepared to improve our ability to use a mouse. When we enter the game, it allows us to have a better game by entering this course and warming our hands before entering directly into the game with or without a rating. It is always beneficial to train on the polygon track before the match.

Range Aim Training

You can train on targets that appear in a random place by shooting the Start button on the range. This training will have a huge impact on your ranked matches. You can increase your development in a positive way by doing the training frequently.

One Tap Workout

One Tap is used to mean a single shot from the head. When you do this training every day and then enter the match, you will shoot much more accurately, sometimes even you will not believe it. When you consciously start making shots that seem like coincidence, you will have the desire to increase your training. In this training, try to shoot one shot at all the targets you encounter on the range. In the beginning, you will have difficulty hitting the target, but as you continue the training without interruption, the hits will increase. When your muscle memory starts to develop, you will reach very high hit rates in matches.

Flick Shot Training

Flick Shot is the name given to the type of reflex shot at the target from the point where you do not have a cross. For example, while you were putting a cross under heaven and waiting, suddenly a target came from heaven. You hit the target with a quick reflex. This shot you perform with muscle memory is called the Flick Shot. Although muscle memory and reflex are seen as similar concepts, reflex is the ability to react quickly, while muscle memory is the ability that determines how fast you will move your cross in that reflex. The muscle memory you gain according to the sensitivity value you are used to playing provides the opportunity to hit the target with automatic turns. In the Flick Shot training, try to keep your cross at one point and make sudden shots at the emerging targets and continue this training for 5 to 10 minutes without a break.

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