Icoone Treatment

Icoone Treatment treatment is a new concept of Cellulite and Localized Fat Reduction Treatments. It is the only device that combines the exclusive technology of both mechanical and micro-circulatory stimulation.

The icoone® method is a simple, painless and non-invasive alternative to surgery, offering immediate results without side effects. The use of revolutionary technologies makes it possible to treat hard to reach areas such as the abdomen and upper arms. Moreover, icoone® is a safe method for all types of skin: from young to mature, from thin to thick skin

The icoone® treatment is a method of mechanical massage with natural silicon micro-spheres. It is performed by using a machine that carries out specific movements that are designed to stimulate the skin and underlying tissues, increasing the amount of oxygen present in cells and facilitating the removal of waste materials.

The icoone® treatment has been developed after years of research into applied physics, biology and biomechanics; it combines the effectiveness of traditional massages with the precision of new technologies. The specific movements carried out by icoone® have a unique effect on adipose tissue, cellulite and connective tissue, providing immediate results in terms of circulation, skin tone, muscle relaxation and waste removal.

There are different types of treatments available depending on what you want to achieve: anti-cellulite treatments for those who want to improve the appearance of skin and reduce cellulite; slimming treatments for those who are overweight or obese and want to lose weight; firming treatments for those who have lost weight but now want to improve their body tone through targeted exercise; anti-stress and anti-aging treatments; treatments for sports injuries and muscle recovery.

icoone® is a revolutionary and patented technology for the treatment of cellulite, wrinkles, stretch marks, skin scarring and relaxation of the tissues.

icoone® has been developed by Tecnobody in collaboration with the research and development department of the University of Pavia (Italy) to solve a problem that has always affected and plagues most women worldwide: Cellulite.

The technology of icoone® allows you to treat the skin using a specific roller program thanks to its special shape, material and micro processors that allow us to customize the treatment according to each patient’s needs.

What is icoone® Laser treatment?

The icoone® laser treatment is a non-invasive procedure that works by stimulating your skin’s natural collagen production. It is done with a device that delivers heat energy deep into your skin, dissolving fat cells and tightening your skin. This gives you an overall smoother appearance with reduced cellulite pockets.

Icoone Treatment
Icoone Treatment

What to expect from icoone® laser treatment

The treatment may take between 60 and 90 minutes depending on the size of the area being treated. It is usually performed under local anesthesia so as to make you more comfortable throughout the procedure. Your specialist will mark the areas being treated then apply

icoone® technology is a new approach in the field of aesthetics and rehabilitation. This technology uses a specific heads system and rolling treatment for performing a real massage on the skin, subcutaneous connective tissue and muscles.

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icoone® treatment consists in performing rolling movements on the skin with a special handpiece which contains one or more rotating heads depending on the particular model. The handpiece moves according to a predefined computerized program, as if it was tracing “lines” on the patient’s skin. During these movements, micro-compression is created between the patient’s skin and the rotating heads, causing an increase in blood flow, increase in lymphatic circulation, stimulation of extracellular matrix components such as collagen and elastic fibers.

icoone® is a revolutionary technology based on the principle of rollers equipped with micro-algorithms that give shape to the body by acting on different levels: skin, muscles, connective tissue and lymphatic/venous system.

icoone® is a new concept that uses specific sequences of movements and pressures to re-establish tissue oxygenation and stimulate the contraction of muscle fibers. These actions facilitate a resetting of the collagen and elastic fibers, increasing the intercellular space and increasing the functionality of the treated areas.The result is a restructuring of adipose tissue, giving a smoother appearance to the skin’s surface.

Icoone® is the first medical device using patented technology of Dynamic Laser Micro-Massage for selective treatments for treating cellulite and body contouring.

The treatment of Icoone® is represented by a unique and patented technology, thanks to which it can perform a deep mechanical stimulation of the tissues through the application of an high pressure massage. The treatment of Icoone® is represented by a unique and patented technology, thanks to which it can perform a deep mechanical stimulation of the tissues through the application of an high pressure massage. The roller composed of 11 independent modules performs movements with different frequencies, amplitudes and shapes. Each module is controlled by an electric motor that moves the roller according to a pre-set program, determined on an individual basis by therapists. Thanks to this special connection between motors and software, Icoone® is able to reproduce any manual technique in a consistent and constant way for the entire duration of treatment. Icoone® allows you to work with minimum effort, maximum precision, reproducibility and with more than 50 pre-set programs.

Does Icoone Work?

Does Icoone Work
Does Icoone Work

So does icoone really work?

According to the manufacturer, icoone has been proven to work by independent studies. The clinical trials show that the technology works for cellulite reduction and for pain relief. If you are looking for an affordable and effective treatment for your cellulite and chronic pain, Icoone may be the answer to all your problems.

Icoone is a machine that uses radio frequency (RF) technology to perform aesthetic treatments. It helps increase the elasticity of skin, the firmness of muscles, and blood flow. It also helps reduce cellulite. This device aims to help people with these problems, but there have been some questions about its safety and effectiveness.

This article discusses what icoone is and whether it’s safe and effective to use.

What is icoone?

Icoone is a device used for aesthetic treatments. It can be used on the face, body, stomach, arms, and legs. The machine uses radio frequency (RF) technology to deliver heat into deeper layers of skin. This process aims to improve the elasticity of skin and firmness of muscles, as well as reduce cellulite.

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The icoone treatment is an innovative solution that uses a robotic massage system, with the aim of restoring skin integrity and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Originally developed in Italy by cosmetic doctor Marco Gasparotti and his team, this treatment allows us to apply a deep and consistent pressure which cannot be achieved with manual massage.

The specially designed handpieces are made up of hundreds of tiny pins. These pins enter individually into the deeper layers of the skin, causing micro-trauma that stimulates new collagen and elastin growth. The handpieces are glided over the skin, breaking down fatty deposits and smoothing out lumps and bumps.

The icoone treatment is completely painless (unlike some other treatments for cellulite) and can be used on all areas of the body, from face to legs. It is also effective on both men and women.

Hi, I have only had 6 treatments and wanted to try it. I have been amazed by the difference in my skin. It is not as firm as it was but it is definitely tighter and smoother. The treatments are not painful at all (in my opinion). They do recommend a minimum of 8 treatments in a month and then one a month for maintenance.

Why did you decide to get a cellulite treatment?

What was your experience with the treatment?

How did you feel during the treatment?

Did you like the treatment? Why or why not?

Did you find it easy or difficult to make an appointment for a cellulite treatment?

Were you nervous or anxious before your first cellulite treatment? Why or why not?

It’s important to remember that a face lift is not a perfect science because the human body is constantly changing. The results of a face lift may not last as long as anticipated due to the client’s lifestyle, stress levels and age. But, with the proper care and precautions, results can be longer lasting.

What is Icoone Laser?

What is Icoone laser
What is Icoone laser

The device Icoone laser is an innovative system that allows the treatment of cellulite and localized adiposity, which is the result of a strong synergy between the action of the radiofrequency and biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid.

Innovative for its versatility, it can be used on all skin types, even sensitive ones.

Thanks to the use of interchangeable heads with different technologies and synergies, it can be applied on any part of the body and face, with excellent results in:

  • Cellulite treatments.
  • Body reshaping treatments.
  • Face treatments (wrinkles, blemishes).

What is Icoone laser?

The Icoone Laser treatment is a new revolutionary aesthetic medical device that uses a patented technology based on the Ergolaser concept. The patented action of the Ergolaser probes, which are made up of 165 micro-laser diodes, creates a homogeneous and targeted stimulation of tissue and skin. The device’s non-invasive action permits the restructuring of the collagen fibers (skin tightening), the reduction of fat cells and cellulite, and massage at various depths.

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What does it do?

  • Reduces cellulite and fat deposits
  • Tones and strengthens tissues
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage
  • Reduces pain

The Icoone Laser is a new generation machine, patented worldwide, that combines the efficiency of LPG Endermology, the most advanced technology in cellular stimulation, with the effectiveness of the Laser diode red light to act on the skin and adipose tissue.

A session on Icoone laser is a deep massage that is performed with rollerheads possessing an exclusive and patented design. This design of the rollerheads allows them to adapt perfectly to every body area.

The rollers are moved by an innovative system guaranteeing a constant movement of the rollers and an even pressure between the body and rollerheads. During each session, all areas of your body will be treated in a controlled, progressive and fluid manner allowing for deep tissue penetration.

Icoone Laser is a device that uses a special laser capable to act on the skin in a deep, but non-invasive way. The Icoone Laser system allows the user to effectively reduce subcutaneous fat and cellulite, improve the skin’s elasticity and firmness, combat flaccidity and sagging of the treated areas.

The Icoone Laser treatment is based on two different approaches: Mechanical and Biostimulative:

Mechanical – Thanks to its patented action, the Icoone Laser starts a process of cell reprogramming in the deepest layers of the skin. Its mechanical action breaks down fat cells (lipolysis), favours lymphatic drainage and reactivates blood circulation. The result is a loss of volume of the treated area, which becomes smoother by reducing dimpled orange peel effect (cellulite) and sagging.

Biostimulative – During the treatment, thanks to its biostimulative action, the Icoone Laser’s laser beam stimulates collagen production and fibroblasts activity. This results in an increase of skin elasticity and firmness.

The Icoone LASER treatment is based on a new approach to the superficial layer of the skin, allowing greater penetration than traditional microneedle mesotherapy.

The device is equipped with cutting-edge technology and it is able to combine high-energy pulse laser emission with a special cartridge with micro-needles (Meso Gun).

ICOONE LASER is a machine that, thanks to its impulse technology, performs a simultaneous action on the skin by means of two different energies:

-Electrical energy, which generates an impulse of intense heat in the dermis and in the fat cells.

-Mechanical energy, made up of two different types of impulses (LINFA and MICROROLLER), with specific actions on cellulite and adiposity.

ICOONE LASER works simultaneously on the three types of cellulite (edematous, fibrous and lipodystrophic) as well as on adiposity. It acts at three different levels:

-On the cellular structures through direct action on the fat cells.

-On the connective tissue which is disturbed in cellulite.

-On the lymphatic system through a double massage for drainage and lipolysis.

ICOONE is the first and only device in the world with a patented roller with micro-lasers that can act both on the surface and inside the skin without breaking its continuity. A new way to treat cellulite, adiposity, scars, stretch marks and wrinkles.