The Poles’ Love for Sports

100 years ago, just like today, Poles loved sports. In winter extra trains went to the mountain villages so you could ski. Hockey was equally popular, but most people skated, because the sport was quite cheap – in the cities ice rinks were available for residents, and in the provinces a frozen lake was enough. Sailing with a sailboat or a boat is a sport for the rich. They made it possible to explore the land, admire the beautiful waterscapes. Horse riding was mainly practiced by soldiers. They have won numerous medals at competitions in Poland and abroad. Women liked to play tennis, so fashion designers came up with special sportswear for them. Tennis players wore loose white blouses and skirts on the court, and shorts became fashionable over time. However, women, especially the less wealthy, practiced most sports in plain, everyday clothing. The ladies wore the same dresses, shopping, cycling, playing volleyball or badminton.

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