What does the frog eye piercing mean?

The frog eye piercing is a fairly new addition to the world of body modifications. It was first seen in the early 2000s, and it quickly became popular among people looking for something unique and different. The frog eye piercing is a septum piercing that goes through only one nostril.

The frog eye piercing is very popular among both men and women. There are many variations of this piercing, including placement on either side of the septum or at different parts of the nose. The most common placement for this piercing is on the right side of the septum, but there are also plenty of people who prefer it on their left side or off to one side altogether.

People who get this type of piercing tend to be rebellious types who enjoy standing out from the crowd. This is why many people choose to get it done on their vacation in places like Thailand or Bali where they can get away with wearing something like this without causing too much attention.

There are two main types of frogs: those that live in water and those that live on land (or at least close to it). The water-dwelling variety has webbed toes while those that live on land do not have any webbing between their toes at all (even though they may

Why do piercers not do snake eyes?

Piercers do not do snake eyes because the piercing is a surface piercing and because of the risk of tearing the ear.

Snake eyes piercings are a surface piercing. This means that it is done in such a way that the jewelry only touches the outside of the ear. Snake eyes piercings have been around for ages and have been done in many different ways. The most common method today is to use a dermal punch and make two holes side-by-side on either side of the conch (the part where your ear meets your face).

The issue with snake eyes is that they are made on top of cartilage, which has no blood supply. Because of this, it is harder for your body to heal itself after an injury or infection. This creates an environment where you are more likely to get an infection or an abrasion that could lead to tearing or other issues if left untreated

If you choose to get a snake eye piercing, make sure that you go see someone who knows how to do them well! If they use any sort of blunt instrument (a needle or anything sharp) they will leave marks that look like small scratches or dents in your skin.

The main reason piercers do not do snake eyes is because they are not very common. Snake eyes are a piercing that goes through the septum and exits on each side of the nose.

The other reason is that it is a very difficult piercing to heal correctly, and most piercers will not pierce something that doesn’t heal easily.

For this reason, I would recommend that you go to a professional who does this type of work regularly so you won’t have any problems with it.

Are frog eye piercings better than snake eyes?

Are frog eye piercings better than snake eyes
Are frog eye piercings better than snake eyes

Frog eye piercings are a form of decoration that have been used for thousands of years. Snake eyes, on the other hand, are a more recent invention. Both types of piercing have their own advantages and disadvantages, but they are both very popular among both men and women.

Frog Eye Piercing

The frog eye is one of the oldest forms of body modification and can be traced back to ancient Egypt. Frog eye piercings are simply holes in both sides of the earlobe where beads or gemstones can be inserted. The name comes from the fact that the holes look like little frogs when you wear them with earrings or pearls.

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The most common type of frog eye piercing is called a “snake bite” because it looks like two little snakes facing each other when you wear an earring in each hole. Frog eyes were originally done by inserting two needles into each side of your earlobe and then pulling them through to make two holes at once. This method was abandoned after it became clear that it caused damage to the tissue around the new holes and could cause infection if done improperly. Today, frog eyes are done using surgical steel tools instead of needles so there is no pain or risk involved at all!

How is a frog eye piercing done?

The procedure is done using a needle. The needle has a diameter of 0.5mm and a length of 1cm. It is made of stainless steel, which makes it safe to use on the body. The needle is used to puncture the skin and create an opening for inserting jewelry.

The piercing is done by inserting the needle into the skin, moving it in a circular motion and then removing it from your skin. The process takes about 20 seconds to complete.

A small piece of jewelry is then inserted through the opening created by the needle. This may be a ring or stud depending on your preference and what you’re wearing at the time of your piercing appointment.

Aftercare for Frog Eye Piercing

Aftercare for frog eye piercing includes cleaning your ear every day with an alcohol-free cleanser and drying off completely before putting on any clothing or other accessories that might touch your ears, such as hats or headbands). You should also avoid getting water near your ears, especially if they start itching after they’ve been pierced (this usually happens because they have been exposed to too much moisture).

Filing is the most common method used to make a hole in the skin. A small, round file is used to create an opening in the flesh and then a ring is inserted into that opening.

The next step is to place a bead onto the bottom of the ring and then secure it with a wire wrap. Finally, the top portion of the ring is placed over the bead and wire wrapped together.

How painful is a frog eye piercing?

A frog eye piercing is a surface piercing of the upper or lower eyelid. The piercing’s name comes from the appearance of the eye after the procedure, which resembles that of a frog’s eye.

The frog eye piercing can be very painful because it is placed in sensitive skin and must be performed by someone with experience in doing this type of piercing. You should take precautions to ensure that you do not get an infection and that your eyes heal properly.

You should also follow some basic rules when getting your frog eye pierced. These include:

Make sure that you are healthy before getting your piercings done and follow good hygiene practices afterward.

Don’t get more than one new body modification at a time; otherwise you might not be able to take care of them properly or keep track of how they are healing. If you need more than one piercing or tattoo at once, wait until they have healed completely before having another one done.

Do not touch your new jewelry or allow anyone else to touch it until your piercing is completely healed, as this could cause an infection or other problems with healing.

When can you change frog eyes piercing?

Frog eyes are a type of piercing that can be changed to another style. This is possible because of the way they are made. The jewel and the bar that connects the bar to the jewel are inserted into a single piece of jewelry. This makes changing them easy, but you should know when you can change your frog eyes and when it’s better to leave them alone.

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When Can You Change Frog Eyes Piercing?

It’s best to leave your frog eyes alone if you want them to heal properly. If you change them before they’ve fully healed, then your new jewelry may not sit properly or could cause irritation or infection. You’ll also have to deal with the pain of having an unhealed piercing for longer than necessary.

However, there are times when it’s okay to change your frog eyes piercing:

You’re bored with them or just don’t like how they look anymore.

They’re getting infected or causing irritation (which could indicate infection).

They’re bothering you due to weight or other factors (such as size).

frog eye piercing

frog eye piercing
frog eye piercing

Frog eye piercings are one of the most popular types of body piercing. Frog piercings are done on the upper or lower lip with a curved barbell, and they are also sometimes called “reverse tongue piercings.”

Frog eye piercings are an excellent choice for anyone looking to get a new piercing that is visible and easy to maintain. Frog piercings are usually done in pairs, but they can be done singularly as well. It is common to see frog piercings on both sides of the mouth or just one side. The placement depends on personal preference as well as how much wear you want to put on your lips.

The procedure for getting a frog eye piercing is very similar to other types of lip piercings. The first step is cleaning the area with an antiseptic wipe or soap and water. Next, a sterile needle is used to make two small holes in the skin where the barbell will be placed. After this, you will need to wait for your wounds to heal before getting your actual piece of jewelry inserted into your mouth.

Frog eyes piercing safe

Frog eyes piercing safe

Frog eyes piercing is a relatively new trend in body piercing. It is believed that it was started by a man named Bong who has been piercing since the mid-1980s. The reason for its popularity is because of its unique look and simple procedure.

This type of piercing can be done on almost any part of the body but it is most commonly seen on the tongue, nipples, eyebrows and ear lobes. Frog eyes piercing requires no special tools or instruments to perform as all it requires is a needle, which is inserted into the skin and then pushed through with a forceps until it reaches its desired depth. This procedure does not require any anesthesia as it does not cause any pain even when being performed using an unsterilized needle. However, many people do prefer to use numbing cream before getting their frog eyes pierced.

The most common materials used to make these piercings are titanium, niobium and 18K gold but some other materials such as steel can also be used depending on what type of jewelry you want to wear with your frog eyes piercing. Frog eyes piercings can be made with either captive bead rings or barbells depending on how long you want your jewelry to be and how much movement you require

Frog eyes piercing healing

Frog eyes piercing healing

The frog eyes piercing is a relatively new and unusual piercing. In this article, we will discuss the history of this piercing and its healing process.

The frog eyes piercing is a fairly new body modification that has been around for only about 10 years or so. It is not as common as other piercings, but it is gaining popularity every year.

History of the Frog Eyes Piercing

The origins of the frog eyes piercing are unknown, but one thing is certain: The name “frog eyes” comes from the fact that this type of body modification looks like tiny frogs in them. Some say that this kind of piercing was first done in Asia, but there is no solid evidence to back up this claim.

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The History of Frog Eyes Piercings

Frog eyes piercings have been around for at least 10 years, but they were not widely known until recently when more people started getting them done because they are unique and fascinating looking. There are many different variations of frog eyes piercings including double barbells, microdermals (microdials), tongue barbells, or even surface bars (surface anchors). These kinds of piercings can be found in many different parts of your body including your nose.

Frog eyes piercing vs snake eyes

Frog eyes piercing vs snake eyes
Frog eyes piercing vs snake eyes

Frog eyes piercing vs snake eyes

Frog eyes and snake eyes are two different types of piercing located on the upper inner lip. They are both aesthetically pleasing and a great way to express yourself.

There are a lot of people who are confused about which one is better for them, so we decided to help them out by providing some information about both types of piercings.

What Is a Frog Eye Piercing?

A frog eye piercing is actually a variation of the snake eye piercing, but with one major difference: it goes through your septum instead of your nostril. This makes it more painful, but also more discreet. This type of piercing is not common at all, because it requires more time and effort than most other piercings do.

What Is A Snake Eye Piercing?

A snake eye piercing is also known as an eyebrow piercing or an infraorbital brow bone pierce (IOBBB). In this case, the hole goes through your nostril and not your septum like in the case of frogs eyes. The only difference between these two types of piercings is that they go through different parts of your face: one through your nose and the other through your eyebrow bone.

Frog eyes piercing pros and cons

Frog eyes piercing pros and cons


It’s easy to get a frog eyes piercing. The jewelry is usually pre-made and sterilized, so the only thing you need to do is insert the jewelry into your earlobe. If you don’t have much experience with body piercings, this might be a good option for you.

The jewelry can be changed frequently. Depending on how active your lifestyle is, it’s important that you cleanse your jewelry every few days because it can get covered in dirt and bacteria if you don’t. A lot of people like switching their jewelry out at least once a week for aesthetic reasons or just because they want something new! Some of our customers even like changing their earrings every day depending on what they’re wearing that day!

Frog eyes piercings are a great way to spice up an otherwise boring look. They’re also great if you have multiple piercings on different parts of your face because they’ll add some color and character while still being subtle enough not to distract from whatever else is going on with your face (like if you have a tattoo).


Frog eyes can become infected easily if not taken care

How to take out frog eyes piercing

How to take out frog eyes piercing

It is very important that you remove your jewelry from a fresh piercing by following proper care instructions. A common mistake made by inexperienced piercers is not removing the jewelry in a timely manner and allowing the piercing to heal improperly. This can cause serious complications and even permanent damage.

Removing Frog Eyes Piercing Jewelry

Follow these steps when removing your jewelry:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and dry them thoroughly with a clean paper towel or lint-free towel. This will prevent the spread of bacteria, which can cause infection.
  2. Clean your hands again with alcohol or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Hold the lint-free towel in one hand, and use it to clean the surface of the piercing site as well as any visible skin around it (below). This prevents any dirt from being transferred from your fingers onto your piercing site as you remove the jewelry, which could lead to infection if left on there for too long before being properly cleaned off using cotton balls soaked in iodine tincture or surgical spirit (isopropyl).
  3. If there is any dried blood around the piercing site, gently wipe it away with a cotton ball soaked