Best Dinosaurs

In this content, we will tell you about the biggest, most familiar, wildest best dinosaurs that lived and disappeared on our earth millions of years ago.


The full name of this dinosaur is Giganotosaurus carolinii. These dinosaurs can reach up to 13 meters in length. There is no information about their weight, but it is estimated to reach up to 13 tons based on their body and head dimensions. As you can imagine, these dinosaurs are among the biggest dinosaurs. Giganotosaurus also had a huge mouth.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex, known as T. rex or T-Rex for short, means “king of the tyrant lizards” in Latin. With a length of 12 meters, Tyrannosaurus Rex weighed 4-6 tons. One of the strongest dinosaurs, the T-rex has a large mouth and large sharp teeth, and is the most well-known dinosaur among the T-rex dinosaurs.


Spinosaurus: Meat-eating dinosaur even larger than T-Rex, was 'river  monster', researchers say | The Independent

Spinosaurus, the largest dinosaur that ever lived, was 15-16 meters long and weighed 6.5-7 tons. Spinosaurus were carnivores.


Dilophosaurus is a small dinosaur compared to other dinosaurs. These bloodthirsty dinosaurs are very fast and agile. While their hands are four-fingered, their feet are three-fingered. the fourth hand fingers are atrophied, the first hand fingers are opposite to the others. Loads of possibilities like this clutch


Troodon, which is smaller than other dinosaurs, is 1 meter tall and 2 meters long, and the Troodon generally weighs 45-50 kg.


One of the largest known carnivorous dinosaurs, Allosaurus is like prey for anything that comes its way. Apart from its large females, it can easily hunt its prey with its large and pointed claws.
Allosaurus, which is 9-12 meters long, can reach 2-2.5 tons in weight. In the examination made by Allosaurus scientists, it was determined that the jaw strength was less than that of a lion.


Utahraptor is much faster than other dinosaurs. Utahraptor kills their enemies and prey with their blade-like claws.


Charcharodontosaurus is a complete death dinosaur with a length of 13 meters and a weight of 10-15 tons. With large claws and sharp teeth, Charcharodontosaurus was a very aggressive dinosaur.


Carnotaurus was 9 meters long and weighed 2 tons. The Carnotaurus fossil was found in perfect condition. Carnotaurus, which has very small and sharp teeth in its mouth, has a very good smelling power as a nose structure. The bodies of Carnotaurus are quite large.


Sarcosuchus is actually known as the ancestor of the crocodiles. Much larger than crocodiles, Sarcosuchus has a very powerful jaw and mouth.

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