Plane Crash

Although plane crashes are not very common in the world, they result in great deaths. In plane crashes, the probability of passengers surviving the accident is very low because the planes are fast and fly. However, sometimes miracles happen and there are people who survive plane crashes.

Although most people are afraid to take a plane, planes are a very reliable means of transportation. No matter how deadly plane crashes are, they are very unlikely compared to other means of transportation. Airplane crashes are usually caused by negligence, technical problems or adverse weather conditions. But these are things that are constantly checked. An airplane goes through many maintenance before it takes off. The weather is checked at any time before the plane takes off. However, sometimes plane crashes can happen for different reasons. For example, a passenger plane crashed recently due to an accidental missile launch, and all passengers and crew were killed. Unexpected events like this can also cause plane crashes.
The deadliest plane crash in history occurred in 1977 when two passenger planes collided in the Canary Islands. 583 people died in this accident. The second deadliest plane crash occurred in 1985 when a plane crashed into a mountain. 520 people died in this plane crash.

As deadly as airplanes may seem, they are also reliable means of transportation. It is best not to be afraid when boarding planes and not to worry about plane crashes and get demoralized. Airplanes are important means of transportation that allow us to travel long distances in very short time.

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