Can You Drink After Botox?

What is botox in our content today? Can you drink before botox? Can you drink after botox? We will touch on Botox and alcohol issues. What is Botox? Botox stops the transmission between the nerves and the points where the nerves reach, and ensures that the transmission of the nerves stops and the functions at … Read more

10 Big Plane Crashes

In today’s content, we will talk about 10 big plane crashes in history. Saudi Arabian Airlines flight 163, 19 August 1980 – Riyadh On 19 August 1980, a Lockheed l-1011-200 tristar type passenger plane belonging to Saudi Arabian Airlines, flight number 163, took off from Riyadh airport, 6-7 minutes after the fire broke out in … Read more

Plane Crash

Although plane crashes are not very common in the world, they result in great deaths. In plane crashes, the probability of passengers surviving the accident is very low because the planes are fast and fly. However, sometimes miracles happen and there are people who survive plane crashes. Although most people are afraid to take a … Read more