Deleting Facebook Account

People who want to delete their Facebook account and ensure that it is not opened again, should apply a complete deletion instead of freezing. But before that, we need to tell you a few things.

If you delete your account, groups or pages you are admin will be deleted along with it. If you want to prevent your page from being deleted, you can add a second admin. However, it is not possible to delete it without waiting 14 days. The account you delete will never be reopened. That’s why you should think twice before deleting it.

Some things you do on the app are not kept in your account. This means that the messages you send to your friends can be saved on it. These messages remain even if you delete your account.

When your account is deleted, other people will not be able to see your profile at all. But it will take some time to delete all data. Status updates, photos and videos are kept in a backup system. You may have to wait around 90 days for all data to be deleted. Of course, this proceeds separately from your 14-day account deletion.

Before deleting Facebook, you must also delete the applications registered to the account. For this, you need to open the application settings via the link below.

You can click this link to open the application settings.

We remove the applications with the “x” sign next to the applications in the application settings. If you do not do this, your account will not be closed. The reason for this is that when you delete your account, there should be no activity for 2 weeks. After deleting the applications, you need to click on the Facebook delete link below.

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In order to delete your Facebook account, you need to enter your password and security code in the pop-up window that opens. After these procedures, you should not open your account in any way for 2 weeks. If an activity appears in your account, your account deletion can be reset and you have to do all these operations again.

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