Fang Piercing

Fang piercings are the most common type of snakebite piercing. You can get one or two and they are placed on either side of your lower lip.

This piercing is one of the most popular piercings for people who want to recreate their own version of a vampire’s fangs.

If you’re thinking about getting a fang piercing, there are some things you should know before you take the plunge.

What is a Fang Piercing?

What is a Fang Piercing

A fang piercing is one or two piercings that are placed on either side of your lower lip. This kind of body art dates back to ancient times and it was popular among tribal people who would pierce their lips with bones or other materials in order to resemble an animal or to be seen as more masculine.

People used to get fangs on both sides of their lower lip, but now people opt for just one if they only want a subtle look.

fang piercing is a tongue piercing that is on the side of the tongue. It’s also called a snakebite or double tongue piercing.

Fangs are not as common and are harder to get pierced than traditional tongue piercings. However, they’re becoming more popular because they look cool, especially when worn with studs that have design details like fangs.

The piercing is generally done as a pair on either side of the middle of the tongue, though you can get scars anywhere between your teeth and the middle of your tongue. The jewelry for fang piercings consists of two 14-gauge bars, each with a ball at one end. The balls vary in size, and some piercers believe that larger balls are less likely to cause damage to your teeth over time. If you have smaller teeth, you may need to go with balls that are at least 10mm in diameter to protect your teeth from rubbing too much against the ball and breaking off enamel or contributing to decay or gum disease.

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A fang piercing is a tongue piercing that goes through the two small pieces of tissue on either side of your tongue called the frenulum.

If you’re looking to get a fang piercing, it’s important to look for an experienced piercer who uses a surgical-grade stainless steel barbell and has a solid reputation.