Snake Eyes Piercing Tongue

a snake eyes piercing tongue is the most common tongue piercing. With a snake eyes piercing, the tongue is pierced twice, once on each side of the tip of the tongue. This can be done with a single piece of jewelry running through both holes or two separate pieces of jewelry.

Snake Eyes Tongue Piercings

Multiple piercings on the tongue are common in modern body piercing, but few involve any real creativity or originality. The Snake Eyes piercing is very different from most other tongue piercing variants in that it is not simply a matter of adding an additional piercing to the center of the tongue. Instead, it involves positioning two piercings at the very tip of the tongue so that they make what looks like an upside-down V shape when viewed from above.

The Snake Eyes piercing gets its name because this upside-down V looks like a pair of snake eyes when viewed from above. While some people use this term to refer to any bifurcation tongue piercing, it’s correctly used only for a specific style that makes this distinctive pattern with the two tongue piercings. The Snake Eyes piercing can be done with straight barbells or curved barbells, but it may require custom jewelry to achieve the right look.

The snake eye piercing is a tongue piercing placed on the very tip of the tongue. It is one of the most common tongue piercings, and also one of the least troublesome.

Since there are no nerves on the tip of the tongue, snake eyes piercings are usually comfortable and rarely problematic. However, since they are close to your teeth, you need to be careful not to chip your teeth or damage dental work by biting down on your jewelry.

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If you’re considering a snake eyes piercing, read on for step by step instructions on how to pierce your own tongue at home safely and cheaply.

Snake eyes is the name given to a piercing that goes through the top of the tongue, at the very tip, and then a second hole is made to complete the snake eyes. This piercing is not as common as other types, but it can work well for people with thick tongues who cannot get other piercings.

This type of piercing requires a lot of aftercare because it is susceptible to infection and it can take some time for the holes to heal completely. If you are thinking about getting your tongue pierced, you might want to consider snake eyes instead of another style.

The snake eyes piercing is a tongue piercing that features a barbell with two small beads or cones at either end. The barbell threads through the tongue, and the two beads are usually located on the underside of the tongue near its tip. The two beads resemble snake eyes when viewed from above, so this piercing is sometimes called a snake eyes tongue piercing. Some people have also referred to it as an angel bites piercing, although that name is more commonly applied to another type of lip piercing.

The snake eyes piercing is quite easy to keep clean, which makes it a popular choice. People who have this type of piercing are generally advised to use mouthwash after eating and before going to bed, and they may be given other hygiene instructions depending on their particular situation.

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The cost of a snake eyes piercing varies depending on where someone lives and where the piercing is done. Generally, the fee for such piercings includes not only labor but also equipment costs like sterilization supplies and surgical gloves as well as jewelry.