How do i Know What Gauge My Nose Piercing is

How do i Know What Gauge My Nose Piercing is? If you have a nose piercing, then you are probably wondering what gauge it is. If the piercing is still intact and not infected, then you may be able to tell by measuring the hole in the jewelry.

If you don’t have your gauge size already marked on your piercing or if you don’t know what gauge your piercing is, follow these simple steps:

I have a nose piercing, and I’m not sure what the gauge is. Is there a way to measure it?

Yes. The gauge of your nostril piercing refers to how thick the actual bar or ring is that you wear in your nose. It’s important to know your gauge so you can purchase jewelry with the right size.

There are two ways to determine your gauge:

Compare it to a piece of jewelry with a known size. This can be done if you have another piece of jewelry at home or if you ask someone else who also has their nostril pierced what size they wear. Or, consider purchasing a little set of jewelry with all the sizes in it so you have them on hand whenever you need them.

Use a set of calipers to measure the thickness yourself. You may need to purchase these, but they’re pretty inexpensive and will allow you to double-check any jewelry you might buy in the future — making sure that what’s labeled as an 18-gauge really is an 18-gauge, for example.

There are many different measuring systems for body jewelry. Which system is which is based on location, so for the US, body jewelry sizes are measured in gauges and inches. For Europe, they are measured in millimeters (mm).

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To find the gauge of your nose piercing, you need a small ruler. Hold it up to your piercing and see how many inches it measures. This is the size of your nose ring.

If you want to measure the gauge of your piercing with a small ruler, go to a local hardware store or craft store and pick one up there (or online.) If you don’t have a small ruler, you can always go to a piercer and ask them to tell you what gauge your piercing is. They will be able to tell right away.

There are several different types of nose piercings, but the most common are nostril piercings. Unlike other piercings that may be placed at a number of locations within an ear or lip, nostril piercings are always placed on the left or right side of your nose.

Nostril piercings can range from 14-gauge to 18-gauge. The gauge will depend on the width of your nose and personal preference. If you’re getting your nostril pierced for the first time, we recommend getting a 16- or 18-gauge piercing. They’re more popular than 14-gauge piercings and have a smaller risk for rejection.

It depends on the size of the hole they use. If they use a 20g labret post, it will be 20g. If they use a 16g post, it will be 16g.

You can easily tell by looking at the jewelry, if you don’t know what kind of back or post it is, look for the gauge size on the back or post and that will tell you the gauge of your piercing.

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For the most part, I would recommend using 16 or 18 gauge jewelry in a freshly pierced nostril. The jewelry is small enough to fit comfortably without irritating the piercing, and it is also thick enough to keep the piercing open during healing.

Some piercers recommend 14 gauge jewelry for nostril piercings, but I find that 14 gauge jewelry is often too large for the majority of people’s nostrils. And if you are unable to insert the jewelry into your piercing after it has healed, you are likely to cause irritation and tearing that can lead to complications.

I find that 18 gauge nose studs tend to be more comfortable for most people than 16 gauge nose studs, so if you want a smaller piece of jewelry, go with 18g over 16g. You may also want to consider wearing a curved barbell or labret stud instead of a nose bone or nose screw. These styles may be more comfortable for some people.