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Piercing logo is a logo that has one or more elements that appear to be cut out of the overall shape. This can be a letterform, an object, or a negative space. These cut-out elements are often used to convey something about the brand, as well as create a memorable design.

Piercing logos are very popular on mobile app icons. They work well because they communicate branding at small sizes while still being legible, and they look great when the app icon is scaled up to the large size it’s shown at on a phone or tablet.

Piercing Logos | Examples of Piercing Logos

Here’s a few examples of piercing logos:


Piercing Logo is a logo design and branding company that offers a full range of services to its clients. It caters to the needs of various industries and help them portray their brand image with the help of creative and unique logos. One can visit its website to know more about the services provided by them and can even get in touch with their team for any queries or questions.

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A piercing logo is a logo that has part of its design cut out, thus “piercing” the rest of the design.

The piercing effect can be achieved through any number of ways, from using open shapes to creating layers.

Piercing is one way to create a negative space logo design, or a clear gap or space within your logo. But it’s not the only way — negative space logos can also use white space and other techniques.

Like many other types of logos, piercing logos look great when they’re paired with a great brand name. What’s more, they can be used in both minimalist and complex designs.

A piercing logo is a type of branding that creates a memorable brand experience by connecting with the consumer on a personal level.

The term “piercing logo” was first used by designer Armin Vit in his article, “The Brand Identity Crisis: Is There Still Such A Thing As A Unique Logo?”

By definition, the piercing logo is not unique. It’s a generic graphic or typographical mark that is used by multiple brands to make a statement about their industry and values. For example, “Love” is a common word that has been associated with many brands including American Express, H&M and Target.

Piercing logo is a type of logo that uses the design elements of an existing brand to create a new sub-brand. This strategy is popular with large companies that have multiple brands, and often used to enter new market categories.

So, what are some good examples of piercing logos? Starbucks, McDonald’s, AT&T and Audi all have a piercing logo in their branding portfolio.

Let’s look at each example in turn.


The first question we’ll ask is: Which came first? The green circle or the mermaid?

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Nope, it wasn’t the mermaid. The mermaid was added in 1987 (along with the word ‘Starbucks’) as part of an attempt to make a more human connection with customers. This strategy seems tame today but at the time was considered quite radical.

Fast forward 25 years and Starbucks was ready to launch an energy drink called Starbucks Refresher Beverages. Instead of creating a whole new branding system, they created a piercing logo that benefited from the instant recognition of their iconic mermaid mark.

you are a new business looking for a logo that will let your customers know you are not playing around when it comes to piercing. moreover, you want a logo that shows how serious you are about the quality of your piercing and jewelry services.

‘Piercing’ is a logo design style that uses highly contrasting colors to create an eye-catching effect. This is a popular style among tech companies, fashion brands, and music labels. It can also be achieved with typography.

Piercing Logo İdeas

Piercing Logo İdeas
Piercing Logo İdeas

2,943 piercing logo ideas

The pierced logo. This logo works for a piercing business or any tattoo business. The design is circular and wraps around a nice play on words.

The pierced finger logo. This logo is fun and quirky with the pierced finger and the tongue sticking out. It can work for a piercing studio or an art class.

The golden earrings logo. The design in this logo is simple and elegant with the golden earrings and the typography making it perfect for an earring shop or a beauty salon.

The pierced heart tattoo logo. This logo is clean and professional perfect for a tattoo shop, tattoo artist, body piercing studio, merchandise store, etc.

some piercing logo ideas

Here we’ve provide a compiled a list of the best piercing logo ideas, taglines, business names & creative name ideas for your inspiration. Start your brand or business with the perfect domain for your company. Search through thousands of available .com domains here at Brandlance. We have great name ideas for your new business and we can find you the perfect .com domain to help you start building your brand.

Piercing Name Ideas

We’ve created a list of over 100+ business names just for you!

Great Domain Names**

  1. Pierced Out
  2. Pierced Passion
  3. Piercing Experiences
  4. Piercing of Hearts
  5. Piercing Expression
  6. Piercing Addiction
  7. Stoned in Love Piercing Parlor
  8. The Tattoo Joint, Inc.
  9. The Piercing Lounge – Piercing Lounge**

Piercing Logo Maker

Piercing Logo Maker
Piercing Logo Maker

The piercing logo maker can do a lot of things to make your business stand out. Not only will it make your business look professional, but also, once you have set up your business, it can help you with marketing and advertising as well as attracting new customers.

Your piercing logo maker will give you different options for creating a unique design that you can use on anything from letterhead to brochures. You can also have the option of using one of the many templates that are available on the internet. The more templates that you have available, the more likely you are to get something that is unique and creative.

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If you are in the market for a piercing logo maker, there are some things that you should consider before making your purchase.*

Piercing Logo Maker

Get a Piercing Logo Design

Looking for a piercing studio logo maker? Maybe you’re starting a tattoo parlor and need to design a tattoo shop logo. No matter what your business, try using our professional logo maker to create a custom logo that really stands out from the crowd!

Make Your Own Piercing Logo Ideas

Browse our incredible selection of piercing logos and find the one that’s right for your business. Select the design of your choice and use our online editor to customize it with your own text or images. You’ll be sure to get a piercing logo that’s perfect for you!

Making your Piercing logo is easy with BrandCrowd Logo Maker

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Pick a piercing logo

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A piercing is a piece of jewelry that is worn in or through a pierced body part. A piercing is made by puncturing a hole in the skin so that the jewelery can be worn in it. Piercing has been practiced since ancient times, but only since the 1990s has piercing become popular for the general public.

Piercing is done by first cleaning the skin at the desired location. Then the piercer places a needle through the skin and pulls it through, leaving a hole behind. The hole can then be enlarged to help place larger objects in it. Finally, jewelery is placed in the hole.

The most common place to pierce people is their ears, but other body parts are also pierced, such as nipples and tongues

There are lots of reasons to consider getting a piercing, but one thing you can’t deny is the fun of finding the perfect accessory for it.

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