The Golden Haired Elementalist Chapter 50

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It was the first time in a thousand years that the Selenites were able to break free from the torments of hell. Without the need to control their territory, they could finally be free. In such a chaotic world, they could easily indulge themselves in whatever they wanted.

Although it may not have been as great as having their own domain, the freedom was something that many Selenites had longed for.

In this situation, Qi Hu’s life was like a dream come true. He had no worries about food or shelter and could do whatever he wanted without being restricted by anything.

Qi Hu didn’t know how long he had stayed in the human world until one day, when he heard some people mentioning that there would be an auction held by an association of merchants in the city. The items up for sale were all precious treasures, but Qi Hu did not care about this at all. What he was interested in was that those who participated in this auction would be given an opportunity to sign up for the Merchants’ Association. A Merchant’s Guild card represented status and wealth and also granted access to a lot of privileges and benefits!

Chapter 50

The other people in the tower looked at the situation and were speechless!

A small girl, using a small fire ball to knock down an adult man of similar age as her father! Wasn’t this too ridiculous? The distance between them was even less than ten meters. If it was a normal person, with such a close distance, it would be easy for him to dodge. Even if it was not possible to dodge, he could just block with his hands!

But that man just stood there, pretending to be dead as he fell down. It was really hard to believe what had happened here.

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Luo Hai Chen’s face turned red. Just now, he saw the situation clearly. He knew that his son was trying to test his sister’s strength by using a bit of force. He didn’t expect that his son would actually fall down on the floor after one punch of hers. His daughter had such a terrifying strength? This was too unbelievable!

As for Luo Ming Xuan, he only thought that Luo Tian Qing must have been playing tricks with him and accidentally slipped and fell down by himself. That must be it! But even if he fell down by himself, he

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The sky was now completely dark, and the pale moon shone down on the world. The black clouds had disappeared into the night sky, revealing a full moon. The entire city was now as silent as death, as if all the people in it had disappeared and no one was left behind.

The clouds moved and turned into black dragons, which flew towards the center of the city. The Black Dragon God’s palace was located in the center of the city. It was a majestic building with a total height of three thousand feet.

All eyes gathered on this ancient palace with a history of hundreds of thousands of years. This was where the Black Dragon God lived, but he had never shown himself to anyone before.

No one knew what he looked like or what his purpose was. All they could do was worship him from afar and hope that he would protect them from disaster.

The black dragons above had finally arrived at their destination: A palace made of black stones that stood majestically above all buildings in this city!

A black dragon flew towards this palace and stopped right outside the entrance, where a small black door opened up to reveal an old man wearing a long black robe with a black hood covering his face, leaving only his white beard visible.”Master!” said

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A day had passed since the training exercise.

The morning after the exercise, I received a report from everyone and gave them advice.

Though they were carrying out the advice, they weren’t doing it well.

That’s why today I’m going to be personally supervising the adventurers’ training.

「I’m going to observe you all. Do your best.」


I said that to everyone and lined up in front of them. Then, I looked at the first person in line. It was Zabuton who was holding a spear. He picked up a shield from beside him and took a fighting stance with a spear in one hand and a shield in the other hand. Then he began moving his legs back and forth, running backwards and forwards as if he was sparring with someone.

As he did so, I watched him very carefully. His movements were good but his breathing was somewhat uneven. If you breathe too much, your movements will become sloppy because of your thirst for oxygen and if you don’t breathe enough, you’ll run out of stamina so it’s important to breathe properly when fighting or moving around during battle. When breathing, it’s good to take deep breaths through your mouth

The Golden Haired Elementalist

The Golden Haired Elementalist
The Golden Haired Elementalist

the golden haired elementalist is a specialist in the use of fire magic. They can hurl balls of flame and launch arcs of electricity. They are immune to the effects of their own magic

The Golden-Haired Elementalist is a limited-time card. It was released as part of the Superheroes Event Update on 4th March 2017 and is a part of the Superheroes Set.

The Golden-Haired Elementalist has the ability to deal massive amounts of damage, adding 25% attack to all allies.

The Golden-Haired Elementalist is an unreleased hero that was originally planned for release during the Summer of 2017. Although the hero was canceled, remnants of it can still be found within Heroes of Newerth. The Golden-Haired Elementalist is likely a reference to the show Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra, due to its similarity to the characters in both shows.

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Some of the art and items have been sold in auctions, indicating that they may be reused in future heroes models.

The Golden hair Elementalist is a powerful ally and can be a nice addition to any team.

This beautiful lady has the ability to manipulate the elements in such a way that it creates an explosion of damage. This is done by the manipulation of energy forces and the creation of the elementals.

These are all very powerful elementalists who have one thing in common, they all have gold hair.

The first one is a gold elementalist named Aisha. She works with her brother, Lucien.

Lucien is an earth elementalist who can create rocks and stones with his magic and also manipulate them in any way he wants to create objects that are useful for him.

He also has a very strong bond with his sister, Aisha, who is a water elementalist.

They both have a strong connection with their mother, Miriam, who taught them how to control their powers with her own magic.

The golden-haired elementalist is a Fire-elemental summon in Final Fantasy VIII. It is the Guardian Force of Rinoa Heartilly. When summoned, she casts the Flare spell on all enemies.

The elementalist’s appearance and the effect of her attack are similar to Siren’s ability, Magic: Reflect. However, unlike Siren’s ability, this effect does not reflect magic cast by the party back at the enemy.

The golden-haired elementalist is a common hero in many fantasy worlds. He/she has strong magical powers generated from knowledge of arcane lore. The origin of the elementalist is usually one of madness and death, but the result is incredible power and insight into the world.