how long to boil chicken legs

how long to boil chicken legs

You can boil chicken legs for about 25 minutes to make them tender. The easiest way to cook chicken legs is by boiling them in water. This method is also the healthiest and safest mode of cooking chicken legs because it prevents bacterial contamination, which can be a problem with other cooking methods. Cooking chicken … Read more

What is Sushi and How is it Made?

Sushi has it’s origins in the ancient Chinese people’s efforts to preserve fish. They had developed a technique for fermenting fish with rice and salt. At the same time, this process took around one year to three month’s for fish. In the past, they consumed fish and discarded sour rice. This type of fermented fish … Read more

What is Raspatat and How is it Made?

Raspatat is chips based on potato powder. The designation variety for potato powders is a registered trademark of Rixond, part of Aviko. The powder is supplied to catering establishments, which process it into a puree and bake it. Production initially took place in Warffum and nowadays in Dostrum  near Venrij. Raspatat is made by mixing … Read more

What is Pizza

Pizza is a leavened dough in Italian cuisine. Many materials can be placed on it. In addition to the main ingredients such as cheese, sausage, salami, olives, tomato, pepper and corn. There are also pizza’s with many different toppings. Especially in the homeland of Italy and the USA, many types of pizza have been developed. … Read more