What is Raspatat and How is it Made?

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Raspatat is chips based on potato powder. The designation variety for potato powders is a registered trademark of Rixond, part of Aviko. The powder is supplied to catering establishments, which process it into a puree and bake it. Production initially took place in Warffum and nowadays in DostrumĀ  near Venrij.

Raspatat is made by mixing potato powder with water in a special installation, creating a kind of mashed potatoes. This potato dough is pressed into the shape of sticks by means of the Raspatat Machine. The sticks are cut to the same length per portion and than baked in the usual way.

The result is a portion of chips that is darker in color, similar in composition and size, but slightly different in taste than the usual chips. The raw materials does not need to be kept refrigerated and also takes up much less space the boxes with traditional chips.


120g whole milk

200g hot water

135g mashed potato powder

20g corn flour

1 egg

1 tsp + extra salt

Cooking oil, sufficient for frying.

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